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Economic Development

Volusia County’s 2014 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of almost $14.6 billion dollars is driven by more than 13,000 reporting businesses’ paying out more than $7 billion in wages a year.  These existing enterprises produce a variety of goods, services, payroll and investments. They are engaged in transactions throughout the world through internet and distribution resources that allow far reaching market penetration.  They attract revenue streams and workforce talent from outside the county and the country.  Incremental growth in this base of thirteen thousand plus businesses offers the potential for significant and long term economic development achievement, and so, while other endeavors focus on recruiting new business to our county, it is this group of existing Volusia County business we focus our assistance and retention efforts upon.

Our strategies and efforts are directed toward increasing high quality jobs and business investment in our existing companies.  It has been said that “…the main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing…” and Volusia County’s economic development focus is based on our “main thing” - assisting our existing community of business and industry through business assistance and retention efforts.

As part of our overall mission, we provide assistance at no cost to businesses with the desire and potential for growth within Volusia County. The Division of Economic Development can help start-ups, second-stage, or maturing businesses directly or refer owners to other qualified organizations.

We are pleased to work with a growing core of economic practitioners in our community who are changing the quality of life in Volusia County for the better. They, and we, are focused on creating higher value, higher wage jobs in Volusia County.

To learn more about Economic Development in Volusia County including our mission and partners, business growth, data and key reports and an industrial park overview, visit floridabusiness.org, the Volusia County Division of  Economic Development website.

Volusia County Economic Development offices (floridabusiness.org) are located inside the Daytona Beach International Airport

700 Catalina Drive
Suite 200
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
toll free 800.554.3801

Rob Ehrhardt
Economic Development Director

Sally Sprague
Executive assistant

Pedro Leon
Business manager, business assistance

Virgil Kimball
Business Specialist

Robbin Sebra
Staff assistant