JAG Program

The JAG Program is a blend of the previous Byrne Formula and Local Law Enforcement Block Grant Programs. This program allows states, tribes and local governments to support a broad range of activities. These activities are aimed at preventing and controlling crime and drug abuse and improving the criminal justice systems based on local needs and conditions.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Office of Criminal Justice Grants, administers the JAG Program within the State of Florida. Every fiscal year they allocate a sum of money to each county, including the County of Volusia.

The county government then awards the funds to local governments and non-profit organizations within its jurisdiction. This distribution is based on the criteria contained in the grant regulations and priorities determined by the Substance Abuse Policy Advisory Board (SAPAB).

SAPAB is an advisory board that includes at a minimum the following persons or their authorized designee: chief circuit judge, state attorney, public defender, sheriff, chief of police of each municipality within the county or a chief of police designated by those chiefs of police as their representative, jail administrator, clerk of the court, superintendent of education and a representative of local drug treatment programs. They make recommendations of priority and funding allocations for the JAG Program for the Volusia County Council.

Substance Abuse Policy Advisory Board to meet June 24

The Substance Abuse Policy Advisory Board will meet at 1:30 p.m. Monday, June 24, at the Sheriff’s Office Training Center, 3901 Tiger Bay Road, Daytona Beach. Agencies will make presentations on their applications for fiscal year 2013-2014 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Countywide funding. The advisory board will discuss and score the applications, then recommend funding allocations to the Volusia County Council. For more information, please contact Myra Gaziano, Housing and Grants Administration, at mgaziano@volusia.org or 386-736-5955, ext. 12324.

Federal Purpose Areas

Area 1 - Law Enforcement Programs
Area 2 - Prosecution and Court Programs
Area 3 - Prevention and Education Programs
Area 4 - Corrections and Community Corrections Programs
Area 5 - Drug Treatment and Enforcement Programs
Area 6 - Planning, Evaluation, and Technology Improvement Programs
Area 7 - Crime Victim and Witness Programs

For additional information, please contact Myra Gaziano at mgaziano@volusia.org or 386-736-5955, ext. 12324.

FY 2011-2012 JAG programs

Volusia County Community Assistance
Administration, planning and evaluation: $22,421

Stewart-Marchman-Act Behavioral Healthcare
Adult Drug Court counselors: $78,650

Haven Recovery Center
Dually Diagnosed Counseling Project: $34,861

The House Next Door
Success by Design: $48,037

The Salvation Army
Drug treatment: $36,377

New Smyrna Beach Police Athletic League
Tutoring program: $3,861

Total: $224,207

Diana Phillips

West Volusia

Daytona Beach
386-254-4648, ext. 12958

New Smyrna Beach
386-423-3375, ext. 12958