Human Services programs

Emergency Services

Temporary emergency financial assistance may be provided to eligible Volusia County residents in the following areas: rent, mortgage, utilities, some prescriptions, emergency dental extractions, medical supplies and transportation. Payments are made directly to vendors for clients who find themselves unable to take care of their basic needs as a result of a sudden reduction in or loss of disposable income. An eligible household may receive emergency services once during the fiscal year from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30. 

Family Self-Sufficiency Program

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program is a voluntary program designed to assist low-income families in achieving economic independence and self-sufficiency. Participants in the program can expect to receive the fundamental financial and supportive services that will assist them in overcoming barriers to gainful employment. Individuals will be referred to community partners to receive the appropriate training and educational opportunities necessary to become self-reliant.

Health Care Responsibility Act Program

The Health Care Responsibility Act requires that the county in which a qualified indigent patient resides pay for out-of-county emergency hospital care. The county of residence also pays when it has an agreement with a hospital in another county to provide services to an indigent patient. Determination of eligibility and residency is made by the county. An individual who has existing insurance will not qualify for HCRA.

Indigent burial and cremation

The County of Volusia provides indigent burial or cremation to eligible residents in accordance with Florida statutory requirements.

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program 

The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program provides funds to assist low-income households meet home heating and home cooling needs.

Summer Food Service Program

This program provides nutritionally balanced meals to needy children 18 and younger during the summer months when school breakfasts and lunches are unavailable.

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