Management and Budget

Management and Budget Mission Statement

The Office of Management and Budget strives to provide guidance, support and assistance as we make recommendations for the development and allocation of resources to meet citizen, County Council and department priorities in a legal, fair, innovative manner for effective, efficient delivery of services to instill public trust and the well-being of citizens. 

Functions of the Management and Budget Division

The Office of Management and Budget prepares and administers the county’s annual budget. It is responsible for setting the budget schedule and procedures, estimating revenues for each fund, reviewing departmental budget requests and is responsible for publishing and monitoring the budget, budget amendments and resolutions, coordinating grants management and assisting in the proper administration of grant programs, preparing financial analysis, reviewing financial options and providing budget information to the County Council as well as the public. This office is also responsible for the functions of the Value Adjustment Board, Grant Management, and Capital Improvement Program.

Current Budget Information

County Goals and Accomplishments [PDF]

Budget Resolutions

Mini Budget Workshops

2014 Mini Budget Workshop Schedule

2014 Mini Budget Workshops

Setting FY 2014-15
TRIM rates
Grants Mini-Budget Workshop: July 17    

2013 Mini Budget Workshops

CRA Overview Five year Forecast Library
CRA Workshop Book Votran Fire
CRA Mini-Budget Workshop Presentation Human Services Beach
CRA New Policy Presentation Tourism Marketing Study Discussion Trim Rates
Roads and Trails  
FY 2013-14 Adopted Tentative Budget (Advertisement)    


2012 Mini Budget Workshops

Bond Rating Update Airport EVAC Road Program
Five-year forecast Children and Families Fire Services Votran
TRIM millage rates EMS Enhanced Services Ocean Center Tourist Development Taxing Authorities (see below)



2011 Mini Budget Workshops

Water and Sewer Discussion Economic Development and Team Volusia Community Services
Solid Waste Consolidated Dispatch Roads/Trails/CIP
Children & Families Advisory Board MSD Fund Recommended Budget
FY 11-12 Budget Credits EMS Transport Tourist Development Taxing Authorities (see below)
Ocean Center Five-Year Forecast Tentative date - 1st Public Hearing
ECHO Fund EVAC Tentative date - 2nd Public Hearing
Fire Services General Fund Update  


Advertising Authorities Budget

Halifax Area Advertising Authority
Halifax Area Budget Presentation FY 2013/2014
Halifax Area Budget Presentation FY 2012/2013
Halifax Area Budget Presentation FY 2011/2012
2010-2011 DBACVB Presentation

Southeast Volusia Advertising Authority
Southeast Volusia Budget Presentation FY 2013/2014
Southeast Volusia Budget Presentation FY 2012/2013
Southeast Volusia Budget Presentation FY 2011/2012
SVAA 2010-2011 Presentation

West Volusia Advertising Authority
West Volusia Budget Presentation FY 2013/2014
West Volusia Budget Presentation FY 2012/2013
West Volusia Budget Presentation FY 2011/2012
WVTAA Budget Presentation FY10-11

Workforce Development Board
Summary Budget Comparison

Community Redevelopment Area
CRA Overview
CRA Workshop Book
CRA Mini-Budget Workshop Presentation
CRA New Policy Presentation
FY 2012-13 Report

Orange City Finding of Necessity Report for a CRA
Orange City Proposed CRA Plan

Five-year Capital Improvement Program



Adopted Budget Documents

FY2014-15 Adopted Budget
FY2013-14 Adopted Budget
FY2012-13 Adopted Budget
FY 2011-12 Adopted Budget
FY 2010-11 Adopted Budget
FY 2009-10 Adopted Budget
FY 2008-09 Adopted Budget
FY 2007-08 Adopted Budget
FY 2007-08 Budget Graphs
FY 2006-07 Adopted Budget
FY 2006-07 Budget Graphs
FY 2005-06 Adopted Budget
FY 2005-06 Budget Graphs
FY 2004-2005 Adopted Budget
FY 2004-2005 Budget Graphs

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