Code Enforcement

Mission statement: The Building and Zoning Division is committed to providing exceptional customer service and protecting the public health and safety of the citizens and visitors to Volusia County through the application of state laws and county ordinances.

The primary function of Building and Zoning Compliance is to identify and correct violations of the Volusia County Zoning Ordinance and other similar regulations, such as those dealing with lot maintenance and junk vehicles. Our staff operates primarily on a reactive basis. That means we concentrate on responding to citizen complaints, rather than randomly searching for violations.

As our name implies, compliance is our goal. In the vast majority of cases, we are able to work cordially with violations to attain this. Building and Zoning Compliance officers have the means for enforcement actions; if necessary, violations will be prosecuted before the Volusia County Code Enforcement Board.

The Code Enforcement Manager coordinates the enforcement functions of the Growth and Resource Management Department. Enforcement sections within these offices include Zoning Compliance, Building Permits and Inspections, Environmental Management, Land Development, Development Engineering and Development Management.

The Code Enforcement Manager is responsible for scheduling and overseeing the processing of violation cases brought by the Enforcement Sections to the Code Enforcement Board. The Code Enforcement Manager also is active in the enforcement of the Itinerant Merchants Ordinance that regulates merchants during Bike Week and Speed Weeks.

Code Enforcement Board hearings are held on the third Wednesday of each month, and Special Magistrate Hearings are held on an as-needed basis on the second Wednesday of each month. Click here to go to the Code Enforcement Board web page to see the current agenda and meeting schedules.

Common code violations

Compliance Manager
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