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Planning and Development Services

Land Development

This office is responsible for coordinating all technical reviews for commercial sites, subdivisions, stormwater management, tree removal, flood hazard, wetland alteration, subdivision exemptions, and right-of-way use permit applications, as well as other applications involving development review, under the Land Development Code of Volusia County.


Current Planning

The Planning and Development Services Director is responsible for administering the Volusia County Zoning Ordinance and related land use regulations. The Current Planning staff provides responses to the general public, land development professionals and realtors inquiring about permitted land uses and development standards.

Comprehensive Planning

This office is primarily responsible for preparation, coordination and implementation of the Volusia County Comprehensive Plan. The plan provides guidance for the physical growth of the county through the development of sound plans, programs and policies.


Land Acquisition

Land Acquisition assists the Volusia Forever Program with the acquisition of approved projects. Land Acquisition staff also identifies, coordinates and applies for local, regional, state and federal land acquisition grants as a match for the Volusia Forever Program.

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