Land Development

The Land Development office serves as the administrator of the  Land Development Code (Chapter 72, Article III) of Volusia County, Florida, and, as such, provides the vital function of central coordination of all review processes mandated by this Ordinance. This office is responsible for coordinating all technical reviews for commercial sites, subdivisions, stormwater management, tree removal, flood hazard, wetland alteration, subdivision exemptions, and right-of-way use permit applications, as well as other applications involving development review, under the Land Development Code of Volusia County, Florida. 

2015 Submission and Meeting Schedule


Fee Schedule - Effective October 1, 2014


What’s new in Land Development?

Ordinance 2013-17

Creation of Wilbur-by-the-Sea Overlay Zone
Article IV, Division 4
Adopted December 19, 2013

Ordinance 2013-03

Creation of DeLeon Springs Business Corridor Overlay Zone
Article IV, Division 3
Adopted March 14, 2013

Ordinance 2012-17

Amendment to the Enterprise Community Overlay Zone
Article IV, Division 1
Adopted October 4, 2012
Ordinance 2012-10 Amendment to Off-Street Parking/Circulation Regulations, 
Article II, Section 72-286 & 
Article III Section 72-618
Adopted June 7, 2012
Ordinance 2012-06 Creation of Osteen Overlay Zone, 
Article IV, Division 2
Adopted May 3, 2012
Ordinance 2012-05 Consolidation of Definitions/ 
Amendment to Illustrations of Article III, Division 4
Adopted April 19, 2012
Architectural Paver Details & Hold Harmless Alternative Driveway Materials, Section 72-701(m)(5),
Approved November 15, 2011
Ordinance 2010-02 Creation of Gopher Tortoise Protection, Division 17,
Adopted March 4, 2010
Ordinance 2009-24 Creation of Enterprise Community Overlay Zone, Article IV, Division 1
Adopted October 1, 2009
Ordinance 2008-26 Amendment to Subdivision Regulations, Section 202,
Adopted December 18, 2008
Ordinance 2008-25 Creation of Chapter 72 of the Code of Ordinances,
Adopted December 4, 2008

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