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Lifeguard Corps

Volusia County's world famous beaches attract millions of visitors each year. The county's Lifeguard Corps play an important role in keeping these beachgoers safe.

County lifeguards make about 3,000 ocean rescues each year. Lifeguard responsibilities include water rescue of swimmers and surfers, boater rescue up to three miles offshore, missing persons and related emergencies. Volusia County Lifeguards also handle enforcement of beach laws and regulations related to beach and water use. The county's Lifeguard Corps uses a wide range of rescue equipment to handle these duties.

Volusia's Beach Safety is emerging as one of the most prestigious public safety organizations in the area. Lifeguarding in Volusia County is an exciting and rewarding career opportunity. Seasonal opportunities are available in the busy spring and summer months. Many career lifeguards began as seasonal workers. Lifeguards that make this into a career then become certified emergency medical technicians and may also become sworn law enforcement officers.

Lifeguard qualifications

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Junior  Lifeguard Program
To participate, youths must be between 9 and 15 and meet the swim requirements at one of the upcoming tryouts. Selected youths then can attend the junior lifeguard camps held weekly beginning in June.

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