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Traffic Engineering

Mission: To install, operate and maintain electronic traffic control devices (signals, school zone flashers and curve warning flashers) throughout the county that provide for the safe and efficient movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Traffic Engineering is a multi-faceted organization with the primary goal of providing and enhancing transportation throughout Volusia County. This is accomplished through the proper design, construction and maintenance of traffic control devices and signals.

Florida 511 is real-time information collected by Intelligent Transportation Systems to travelers and commuters to help with trip decisions.

Mini Budget Workshop - Aug. 8, 2013

Presentation to County Council reviewing transportation funding and the proposed five-year road and trail programs for 2013-14 to 2017-18
Includes future construction projects map
Transportation mini budget workshop presentation [PDF]

Road Program

Five-Year Road Program for 2013-14 to 2017-18
Includes future construction projects map
Road program and map [PDF]

Florida DOT projects in Volusia County


Turnbull Bay Bridge repair presentation [PDF]
(Updated Oct. 4, 2011) - Turnbull Bay Bridge reopened after temporary repairs were completed in a record-breaking 10 days. The contractor earned a cash incentive of $11,000 for finishing early. The work involved replacing 12 of the 96 support beams allowing traffic, including vehicles and school buses, to cross the bridge.

Saxon median public meeting displays [PDF]

Veterans Memorial (Orange Avenue) Bridge project [PDF]
     (high-rise alternative approved by the Volusia County Council)

10th Street Phase 2 alternative alignment [PDF]

Stormwater Management Program

Click here to learn about Volusia County's Stormwater Management Program.

(computer-aided design and drafting)
       AutoCAD standards manual  [PDF]
       AutoCAD layer template files (zip file)

2014 Volusia County traffic counts

Saxon median public meeting displays [PDF]


Volusia County Truck & Freight Goods Movement Study

Southwest Volusia Regional Transportation Study     Main document

    Appendix A
    Appendix B
    Appendix C
    Appendix D

    Appendix E
    Appendix F
    Appendix G
    Appendix H


Handicap Parking Requirements
Please refer to the requirements under the Florida Statutes, Volusia County Land Development Code and FDOT Standard indexes 17346 and 17355.
 NOTE:  The Volusia County Land Development Code takes precedence where the requirements are greater.

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