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Property Appraiser’s website offers more features

Posted On: April 13, 2018

If you have been on the Volusia County Property Appraiser’s website recently, you may have noticed some changes. Recent upgrades now allow users to search for more information with enhanced field options, view parcels via Pictometry and download information directly from the website.

With the new upgrades, there are several data sets to search by including neighborhood code, millage group, township, block and lot. You also can search using a combination of criteria.

Another enhancement is the Pictometry, which allows users to look at the property from above and from all sides. 

Other improvements include:

  • Links to the Clerk of the Court’s Office, the county’s Revenue Division and Connect-live Permits for parcel information without having to access those websites separately and re-enter the parcel information. 
  • Ability to download the information to Excel.
  • Identify sales for the previous 18 months in a neighborhood.
  • Apply for a change of address online. In a couple of months there also will be an option to apply online for homestead exemptions.

To check out the new site, visit www.vcpa.vcgov.org.