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Advisory boards

Citizen participation is vital to a democratic government. The County of Volusia recognizes the unique contributions made by volunteers and encourages involvement and interest in the policy-making process through service as an advisory board member.


A county advisory board is created by ordinance, resolution or Florida statutes to provide advice and recommendations to the Volusia County Council on diverse matters of public concern.

Requirements for board members

Board members should have the expertise necessary to accomplish the board's objectives, a reputation for integrity and community service and an interest or experience in the area of board service desired. Many boards require financial disclosure under Florida law. If appointed to one of these boards, Section 112.3945, Florida Statutes, requires you file a Form 1, Statement of Financial Interest, with the supervisor of elections in the county of your permanent residence within 30 days of your appointment.

Board openings

Application for appointment

Appointment information forms are available in the County Manager's Office. Any person interested in serving on a board must complete and file this form with the County Manager's Office. References may be contacted. Recommendations are forwarded to the Volusia County Council for approval.


There are two different application forms as described below.

  1. Download the PDF application below and save it to your local computer
  2. Complete the form
  3. Submit following the instructions on the application form

Application FORM A

Use FORM A above for applicants applying to the:

  • Halifax Area Advertising Authority
  • Southeast Volusia Advertising Authority
  • West Volusia Advertising Authority

NOTE: Serving on the advertising authorities requires a criminal background check for which a release must be executed.  The release must be returned with completed application.

Application FORM B

For all applicants to any boards other than those listed to the left, use FORM B above.

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