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Volusia and Flagler counties to coordinate border planning efforts

Posted On: April 6, 2021

Volusia and Flagler counties are taking steps to coordinate development and land use decisions that impact the common border area shared by both counties.

The Flagler County Commission gave a preliminary review on Monday of a proposed interlocal planning agreement between the two counties. And today, the Volusia County Council gave its approval to moving the agreement forward. The two counties share an approximately 40-mile border along the northern boundary of Volusia County and the southern boundary of Flagler County. The planning agreement, which is expected to take up to nine months to finalize, will give each county the opportunity to review the other county’s land use decisions for things like comprehensive plan amendments, rezoning of property, subdivisions and site plans that are right across the border.

The goal is to improve governmental coordination so that Volusia and Flagler counties are prepared for service and infrastructure needs caused by growth and development. The interlocal planning agreement would apply to unincorporated property located within three miles on either side of the shared border. It doesn’t cover property within the jurisdiction of other local governments, such as Bunnell, Flagler Beach or Ormond Beach.

On Monday, Flagler County Administrator Jerry Cameron told the Flagler County Commission that the proposed agreement is a good idea for all concerned and that Flagler County will consider inking similar agreements with other adjacent jurisdictions.

“What they do right over the county line affects us just as much as if it were in the county. The same is true of what we do,” said Cameron. “I think that this is a first step to a much better planning process.”

Volusia County Councilwoman Heather Post echoed similar sentiments during Tuesday’s discussion.

“I’m looking forward to working with Flagler on any future discussions and future development,” said Post “This is a very good thing.”

To finalize the agreement, Volusia County will have to amend the intergovernmental coordination element of its comprehensive plan and then have the amendment undergo a review by the Volusia Growth Management Commission and the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. A memorandum of understanding detailing the specifics of the arrangement also will have to be drafted and approved by the Volusia County Council and Flagler County Commission in order to implement the joint planning agreement.

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