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Storm drain marking event

Posted On: October 19, 2021

Storm drain marking event

Volusia County Environmental Management will host a storm drain marking event at 9 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 28. Participants will meet at the Hiles Boulevard parking lot, 4516 S. Atlantic Ave., New Smyrna Beach, and travel to several storm drains in the area.

But what is storm drain marking?  Simply put, storm drain markers are signs that are placed on storm drains and inlets to serve as a reminder that what gets washed into the storm drains can ultimately end up in the ocean or our rivers, lakes and estuaries.  As rain falls and flows across the land, it becomes stormwater runoff, which can be a significant source of pollution that affects our waterways. When grass clippings, leaves, trash, litter, fertilizer and other organic material are washed down storm drains, it causes serious environmental issues that degrades the quality of our natural water resources.

During this free event, find out how pesticides and fertilizer may be washed off lawns by stormwater runoff and carried to our waterways, which can increase the nutrients that cause harmful algal blooms.  Keeping storm drains free of litter and debris is essential to the health of the plant and animal life in our treasured natural waterbodies.  For this reason, you should never pour or place anything in a storm drain. Participants will mark drains with a sign that will serve as a reminder that only clean water should enter the drain.

Advance registration is required; call 386-736-5927 to make reservations.

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