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Information Technology

Mission: To provide Volusia County agencies with a secure and reliable information technology and communications  infrastructure along with the IT products, services and knowledge necessary to streamline operations and deliver the highest quality customer service.

The Information Technology Division (ITD) manages a complex and diverse set of technologies and applications to support all facets of county business.

ITD provides complete IT services to Volusia County Council and county departments and various IT services to county elected offices and several outside agencies, including Clerk of Court, Court Services, Judicial, State Attorney and Public Defender.

Guiding principles

The Information Technology Division will:

  • provide professional and high-quality services
  • purchase software rather than develop it where appropriate
  • implement leading-edge technology
  • deliver what's promised when it's promised
  • conduct business in a legal, moral and ethical manner
  • provide employees with opportunities to develop skills and abilities
  • develop relationships of trust, respect and teamwork between IT staff and user partners


  • Customers are highly satisfied.
  • Data is available at any time and from any location.
  • Information Technology employees are passionate, committed people who carry the fire and love for their jobs.
  • Information Technology is recognized in the industry as a world-class organization.

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