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About Our Data

The GIS map library currently consists of approximately 3.5 terabytes of data which are stored in more than 200 layers as SDE Enterprise Multi-User Geodatabases. Volusia County maintains all geographic data in feet using the State Plane Coordinate System, FIPS Zone 0901,  North American Datum 83/90. Detailed information about specific layers may be viewed in the data dictionary.

Data available for download include those for which all quality control procedures have been completed and that are loaded into the county's digital map library. These layers have been compressed for faster downloading. Use WinZip or FreeZip to uncompress the files once they are downloaded to your computer. The esri shapefiles are viewable using a variety of different software packages including ArcGIS Desktop, AutoCad and free ArcExplorer software. With this data, professionals can perform in-depth analyses, or any interested party can make his or her own maps at home. 

To make full use of the data available on this website, you will need to know a few things, such as what types of files you're downloading, how to uncompress the files, and how to interpret the data attached to the geographic features. This page was designed to give you as much of this information as possible. If you don't have any GIS software on your computer, please read the page titled How to do GIS at home before continuing here.

Digital data formats

Currently, all data available for download are available in Shapefiles. Translation of data to other digital or hardcopy format is the sole responsibility of the downloader of the data.

For faster downloads, the shapefiles are compressed in the WinZip ZIP format (.zip files).  To decompress these files on a computer running Windows, you will need a decompression software called WinZip or FreeZip.

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