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Frequently asked questions

We recommend using Chrome for viewing our interactive maps.

How can I find an address?

Click on this icon to find an address. A form will be presented below the map as shown in Figure 1.

Enter a valid address and zip code into the form. The zip code should only be 5 digits. You can choose not to use a zip code if it is unknown. The more information entered, the more accurate your results will be. Once you have entered the correct information, click the Locate Button to find the address.
Some cases will result in more than one address returned. In this case, the program found more than one possible match. You are able to select the one you want by clicking the address.

I am having trouble finding my address, what should I do? 

If known, you may want to try your neighbor's address to get close to yours. Some addresses may not be in our situs database or they may be listed differently.
Verify that the address you entered is a correct address. If it is, try using an alternate street name if one exists. Following are some examples of alternate street names:

SR 44 = New York Ave or Canal St or Lytle Ave

SR A1A = Atlantic Ave

SR 441 = Peninsula Dr

CR 305 = Bunnell Rd or Lake George Rd

CR 4162 = Doyle Rd

CR 4116 = Orange Camp Rd

SR 15A = Spring Garden Av

International Speedway = INTL Speedway or US HWY 17-92

St Rd; State Road = SR ie: SR 11, SR 44, SR 441

US = US HWY ie: US HWY 1, US HWY 17

Do not use periods such as Ave. or S.R.

Try removing street directions and street types. ie: 123 W Indiana Av = 123 Indiana

Try leaving out the zip code.

Try combining the street name if it contains multiple words. ie: Oceans West = Oceanswest or Park West = Parkwest

Following is an Alternative Method
If you are still unable to locate the address but know where to look on the map, use the zoom and pan tools to navigate to the area. Once you have navigated to the correct location, you may want to use the Identify Tool to obtain information about the area.

How do I find a parcel by its Parcel ID number? 

To find a parcel, use the Volusia County Kiosk Map

How can I save the map to put into another document such as Word or Power Point?

First create a print page by clicking the Print Icon . Click the Create Print Page button to generate the print page. Right click the map image and choose the "Save Picture As..." option. Save the picture as a png or bmp to your PC.You can import the image into any document that supports the png or bmp image format.

How can I email the map to someone?

Create a print page by clicking the Print Icon located in the toolbar.
Click the Create Print Page button to generate the print page. Right click the map image and choose the "E-mail picture..." option.

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