FAQs - Tax deed

What is a Tax Deed Application?

A Tax Deed application is the action, initiated by a tax certificate holder, which begins the process of selling a property at public auction for the delinquent taxes.

Who/When can I make a Tax Deed Application?

Only a certificate holder who has held a tax certificate for a minimum of 24 months from the date taxes became delinquent is eligible to make a tax deed application with the Tax Collector’s Office. This action forces the owner to pay the back taxes and redeem the outstanding Tax Certificate(s), or the property will be sold at a public auction to the highest bidder.

Are there additional costs for the applicant?

The Tax Deed Applicant may be required to pay additional funds for the cost of advertising, certified mailings and sheriff services or postings. These fees are then added to the total amount due to redeem the Tax Deed application.

After a Tax Deed Application is submitted, what happens if the owner pays the outstanding taxes?

If payment is made via certified funds, to the County of Volusia Tax Collector, the tax deed applicant is reimbursed for their total investment and the accrued interest, and the Tax Deed sale process is cancelled. If the outstanding taxes are not paid, the property will be scheduled for sale at public auction on www.volusia.realtaxdeed.com

Can anyone pay the Delinquent taxes and own the property?

Anyone can pay the taxes, but payment of delinquent taxes DOES NOT give the payee any ownership rights to the property.

How can I obtain a list of properties scheduled for auction?

A list of properties scheduled for upcoming Tax Deed Auctions can be found at www.volusia.realtaxdeed.com. Click on the auction calendar for a full list of properties scheduled for that auction date.

Will the property owner be notified of the impending sale?

Yes. A Property Information report is obtained. Notification is sent by Certified mail to the property owner, lien holders, and other parties appearing in the report. Additionally, the Sheriff's office will serve/post a notice of sale on the property. If your mailing address has changed, it is very important to update this information with the Property Appraisers Office. Contact the Property Appraiser for additional information.​

What should a potential bidder know prior to participating in a Tax Deed Sale?

DO YOUR RESEARCH! It is imperative that anyone interested in participating in the Tax Deed Sale conduct extensive research including a full title and lien search prior to bidding on any properties.​

Is the property sold free and clear of liens?

No. Some liens may be dischargeable and others may not. Additional property taxes as well as liens on the property may be due and would become the responsibility of the new owner. It is imperative that anyone interested in participating in the Tax Deed sale conduct extensive research including a full title and lien search prior to bidding on any properties. Government liens follow the property. Volusia County does not make any representations or warranties as to the status of the title or liens on property auctioned at a tax deed sale.​

Does Volusia County guarantee the sale?

Volusia County DOES NOT guarantee the condition of any property or title with respect thereto.

Will the Tax Collector evict people living on the property and dispose of unwanted items left there?


Will the Tax Collector help me get clear title?

No. A tax deed carries no warranties and does not guarantee clear title.  


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