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Tag and Title tips

  • It is recommended the seller accompany the buyer to the tag office to complete transfer.
  • A buyer is required to transfer a title within 30 days of purchase or pay a penalty.
  • Never alter (erasures, white outs, cross outs) the title. If you make an error, contact a tag and title office for instructions.
  • The following are exempt from physical vehicle identification number (VIN) verification.
    • New vehicles with an MCO sold by a licensed dealer.  
    • Mobile homes.
    • Travel, camp or fifth wheel recreation trailers.
    • Trailers or semi-trailers with a net weight less than 2,000 pounds.
    • Truck campers.

Points to remember

  • New residents are required to obtain a Florida title and tag within 10 days of filing for homestead exemption, enrolling children in school or accepting employment in Florida.
  • Utility trailers weighing less than 2,000 pounds must be registered, but not titled.
  • If you cancel insurance on a vehicle and do not plan to transfer your tag to another vehicle immediately, turn in your current license plate to your local tag office. This will avoid suspension of your driver’s license and a hold being placed on vehicle registrations.
  • Florida vehicle and boat registrations in individual name(s) expire at midnight on the first owner’s birthday. Expiration dates for vehicles registered in company names, leased vehicles, mobile homes and other types of registrations vary. Check the registration for correct expiration dates.
  • Owners names joined by "and" require all signatures to purchase and sell.
  • Owners names joined by "or" require all signatures to purchase and one signature to sell.
  • Acceptable forms of payment are cash or check made payable to the County of Volusia.  Non-Visa debit and credit card payments are also accepted.  A fee will be charged by the third party payment processor for all debit and credit card payments.
  • An "initial registration fee" may be collected when the owner does not have a tag registered in their name for a vehicle they previously owned, to transfer to a newly acquired vehicle.
  • Acceptable proof of Florida insurance can be a policy, binder or valid insurance card. Motorcycles, trailers, mobile homes and vessels are exempt from insurance requirements.

Odometer readings

  • Odometer readings are required on title applications. When completing odometer disclosure forms, tenths of miles are not shown.
  • If an odometer has five spaces for the mileage, but has exceeded 99,999 miles, mileage is considered "Excess of its mechanical limits" (X the appropriate box).
  • If an odometer has been repaired or is broken, mileage is considered "Not Actual" (X the appropriate box).
  • If an odometer has not rolled over and has not been tampered with, mileage is considered "Actual Mileage" (do not mark either box).

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