Rental facilities

Daily rental rates charged for use of the Volusia County Agricultural Center facilities and grounds are available to the agri-business community and the public. Three air/heat-conditioned buildings are in the Agricultural Center, 3100 E. New York Ave., DeLand, one-quarter mile east of Interstate 4, exit 118. (view map).

The Hester Building, the largest of the three, has 17,375 square feet of show space. The 9,000-square-foot Daugharty Building abuts the Hester Building. A 2,000-square-foot auditorium also is available for rental. The Auditorium contains a theater-type stage with an electronic projection screen that is available to group meetings. All three buildings are available with a written contract and maintenance deposit.

Rate schedule

Volusia County Agricultural Center rental fees

Type of organization


Rental deposit

Maintenance deposit (daily)

Nonprofit organizations

*Hester Bldg./Grounds
17,375 sq. ft.
700-person capacity
275’L x 60’W x 9’H




*Daugharty Bldg./Grounds
9,000 sq. ft.
500-person capacity
159’ x 60’ x 9’H




Commercial organization or general public

*Hester Bldg./Grounds
17,375 sq. ft.
700-person capacity

plus tax



*Daugharty Bldg./Grounds
9,000 sq. ft.
500 Person capacity

plus tax



High season/special event related activity

Rental rate

Rent deposit


Agricultural Center Complex

$2,500 +



*Itinerant merchant licenses apply. call 386-736-5937 for more information.

Rental policy

  • Rental/maintenance deposit is required.
  • Utility/electrical fee will be based on total electrical usage.
  • A certificate of insurance is required with required minimums prior to move-in.
  • the lessee may contract with any food vendor for the length of the show.
  • Camping or overnight parking is not allowed on the Agricultural Center premises. A camping facility is available on Volusia County Fair Association property which abuts the Agricultural Center. Arrangements may be made with the fair office by calling 386-734-9514.
  • The lessee is responsible for any damages to the buildings and/or grounds beyond what is to be considered as "normal, fair wear and tear."

Floor plans

Hester building

(17,375 square feet – scale as shown)

Daugharty building

(9,000 square feet – scale as shown)

Contact information

For further information on renting Agricultural Center facilities, please contact Renee Schoen at 386-822-5778 or

Other Volusia County area rental facilities

Daytona Beach Ocean Center
The arena is 46,000 square feet with a total reserved seating capacity of 9,440. 250' x 175' ceiling height 45'. The conference center is 14,000 square feet with a ceiling of 22'. Check the website for more information and rates or call 386-254-4500.

Volusia County Fairgrounds
Three indoor areas available: Tommy Lawrence Arena (22,954 sq. ft.), Townsend Livestock Pavilion (18,270 square feet) and the Talton Exhibit Hall (8,100 square feet) Check the website for more information and rates or call 386-734-9515.

The Cattlemen’s Association
Five-acre site with arena and bleachers are available for rent. If you are interested in the facilities, call the Cattlemen’s Association president, Bobby Bumgardner, at 407-321-4895.

Sharon Gamble

West Volusia

Daytona Beach

New Smyrna Beach


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