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Lake Beresford Park

Location: 2100 Fatio Road, DeLand

Open daily: Sunrise to sunset

Admission: Free

Lake Beresford Park is within the Lake Beresford Greenway, a 211-acre parcel that was acquired with assistance from the Florida Communities Trust in 1991.

The park is highlighted by a 1.8-mile multi-use trail that follows the perimeter of the parcel. This trail connects to the Spring-to-Spring Trail, which allows patrons to walk, run, skate or bike three miles down to Blue Spring State Park.

The two nature trails in the northern portion of the park are open for those who prefer a more natural hiking experience. Other amenities include a modern restroom, two pavilions, two playgrounds, and plenty of paved parking spaces for your convenience. The park opened in 2007.

Directions to park

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