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Visitors with disabilities

Volusia County welcomes all visitors to its many and varied outdoor recreation areas. Many people share a love for the great outdoors and enjoy the recreational opportunities that abound. Nature has a therapeutic power to reinvigorate the body and the spirit. Outdoor activities provide social interaction and offer a welcome break from the routine of our lives. The sights, sounds, and smell of the great outdoors belong to all of us to enjoy.

Volusia County Government always is working to upgrade and improve its facilities to expand accessibility for people with disabilities. This website is updated periodically to include new information. However, we strongly encourage disabled visitors to call each facility or the Volusia County Parks, Recreation and Culture division at 386-736-5953 before visiting to ensure the information is current. Some facilities may not be accessible to all people of all disabilities.

Volusia County's Parks, Recreation and Culture Division is developing online park summaries for people with disabilities. Volunteers with disabilities - along with Parks, Recreation and Culture staff - are conducting a survey of many Volusia County parks, assessing their accessibility from their unique perspective. The ratings will be based on the ability of a person in a wheelchair to navigate the facilities.

Environmental variables at Volusia County parks

Change is an integral part of the natural landscape. Seasonal changes and environmental situations that occur may quickly alter the condition of facilities, trails and beaches. As a result, Volusia County cannot ensure that information about our parks and beaches on this website is current, nor can we guarantee that each park or facility listed is open and available for public use. Please keep in mind that this website is for informational use only and should not be relied upon for recent updates or emergency bulletins about trail and beach conditions.

Service animals in Volusia County parks

Leashed pets and service animals are permitted in all Volusia County parks. Please observe these service animal guidelines:

  • Pets must be kept under restraint and control at all times.
  • Owners must clean up after their pet.
  • Dangerous or aggressive animals will not be tolerated in any park.
  • Help Volusia County protect native plants and animals within the park boundaries by not allowing your pet run freely.

Service animals on the beach

Guide dogs accompanying visually impaired persons or hearing ear dogs accompanying hearing impaired persons shall be allowed on the beach at all times. However, it is unlawful for any person to allow their animal on the beach except for the above purposes.

Beachfront parks accessibility for visitors with disabilities

Since Volusia County has been developing beachfront parks, each element or amenity in these parks has been developed with accessibility in mind. Beachfront parks have become a pleasurable destination point for many people with disabilities. Some of the elements that may be included in beachfront parks are accessible parking, companion accessible restrooms, accessible picnic tables, ramps to soft sand, accessible playgrounds and water fun, shade areas and sitting areas overlooking the beach and Atlantic Ocean.

Beach driving and parking information.


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