Volusia County celebrates diversity

Diversity In September

“The peoples of the earth are one family.”

Ruth Fulton Benedict, American anthropologist and folklorist. Born: 1887 in New York City. Died: September 17, 1948. Education: Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The New School, Vassar College, Columbia University.

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Volusia County government is always looking for new ways to support and promote diversity and inclusion to best serve and reflect our community.  As an extension of this belief, we are excited to raise awareness of the many multicultural and diversity-related events that are happening right here in Volusia County.

9/22 – Celebrate German Culture at Oktoberfest!
9/20-23 – Jazz Fest - NSB
9/28 – Dancing through the Decades - Council on Aging

Fun Facts

Some interesting facts you may or may not know about our diverse world:group having fun

  • The glue on Israeli postage stamps is certified kosher.

  • There are 450 types of cheese in the world, and 250 come from France.

  • An African American surgeon, Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, performed the first successful heart operation.

  • Karate started in India and spread to China before reaching Japan in the 1600s.

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