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2015 Budget resolutions

Budget resolution 2015-152
County incentives for JetBlue Airways.
Expenditure: $300,000

Budget resolutions 2015-145 through Budge resolutions 2015-151
Application and acceptance of federal and state grant aid for capital projects.
Expenditure: $4,440,000 (from grant funds: FAA = $13,500; FDOT = $2,213,250; local match = $2,213,250)

Budget resolution 2015-143
Florida Inland Navigation District grant award to the Smyrna Dunes Park Fishing Pier Project.  Adjustment of grant award: $391,000 (Grant funds = $119,475; county share = $271,525)

Budget resolution 2015-141
Cost share agreement with the St. Johns River Water Management District for advanced wastewater treatment. Additional grant funds: $5,527,500 (SJRWMD = $2,062,500; FDEP = $3,465,000)

Budget resolution 2015-140
Acceptance of 2015 Paul Coverdell Grant and appropriation of grant funds. Revenue: $3,002

Budget resolution 2015-139
Appropriation of emergency medical services trust fund.

Budget resolution 2015-137
Arts license plate grant appropriation. Revenue: $10,500 

Budget resolution 2015-136
Fiscal year 2014-15 revised budget year-end fund reconciliation. Operating funds: $3,063,705; Non-operating funds: $315,660

Budget resolution 2015-132
Acceptance of grant award from FDLE to purchase camera surveillance/security systems at four critical law enforcement sites.
Revenue: $10,146,594

Budget resolution 2015-130
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program modification and budget resolution. Item 09

Budget resolution 2015-128
Acquisition of Divito property for inclusion in Doris Leeper Spruce Creek Preserve. Item 02

Budget resolution 2015-122
Williamson Boulevard reconstruction and extension project loan agreement.
Loan Proceeds: $9,000,000

Budget resolution 2015-120
Application for Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant; and appropriation of grant funding.  Grant: $141,595

Budget resolution 2015-119
Community Services Block Grant fiscal year 2015-16 application. Grant: $498,456

Budget resolution 2015-118
Supplemental grant agreement with FDOT for additional funding to update the bridge replacement design plans to 2016 design standards for the Turnbull Bay Road bridge in New Smyrna Beach.

Budget resolution 2015-110
Appropriation of Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investment Partnerships Program funds.  Revenue/grant funds: $130,000

Budget resolution 2015-109
Funding from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Beach Management Funding Assistance Program for the Ponce de Leon Inlet Sediment Budget and Inlet Management Plan update; Expenditure: $500,000 (Port Authority - $250,000; State grant = $250,000)

Budget resolution 2015-105
Appropriation of State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) program budget; Expenditure from SHIP funds: $2,233,008

Budget resolution 2015-101
Contract with P & S Paving, Inc. for Beville Road at Pelican Bay Drive in Daytona Beach, 15-B-133JD.
Expenditure: $1,150,044 (FDOT grant = $362,000)

Budget resolution 2015-100
Contract with Masci Corporation for the South Atlantic Avenue sidewalk in Wilbur By The Sea, 15-B-126JD.
Expenditure: $2,677,320 (ECHO grants = $1,040,135; port district = $258,425; stormwater capital = $400,000; transportation trust = $285,608; and City of Port Orange = $693,153)

Budget resolution 2015-097
Florida Department of Environmental Protection grant assistance agreement for petroleum contamination site cleanup. 
Expenditure from grant funds: $439,079

Budget resolution 2015-096
Submission of fiscal year 2015-19 consolidated plan, 2015-16 one-year action plan, and appropriation of grant proceeds.
Expenditure: $2,423,139 (grant funds from CDBG = $1,726,316; HOME = $543,941; ESG = $152,882)

Budget resolution 2015-091
Supplemental FDOT grant agreement for post design services during construction of the Veterans Memorial Bridge replacement in Daytona Beach.
Expenditure: $1,297,950 (100% from FDOT grant funds)

Budget resolution 2015-086
Award of a construction contract to Masci Corporation for safety improvements to the intersection of Pioneer Trail and Turnbull Bay Road in the New Smyrna Beach area, 15-B-25JD. 
Expenditure: $1,429,128 (Federal Funds = $1,053,000, local match = $369,000; Local option gas tax = $7,128)

Budget resolution 2015-085
Emergency management preparedness and assistance trust fund grant agreement for salaries of two employees. 
Expenditures from grant funds: $115,806

Budget resolution 2015-084
Emergency management performance grant agreement for planning and exercises. 
Expenditure: $274,374 (federal funds = $137,187; county in-kind match = $137,187)

Budget resolution 2015-080 and 2015-081
Submission of grant application; acceptance of approved funding; and appropriation of additional grant funds and local match for airport project.
Expenditure: $306,000 (federal funds = $275,400; FDOT = $15,300; airport reserves = $15,300)

Budget resolution 2015-076
Grant agreement with the Florida Division of Emergency Management to update county-wide fixed facility hazards analysis data.
Expenditure from grant funds: $9,267

Budget resolution 2015-074
Acceptance of the Big Read grant providing citizens the opportunity to read and discuss a single book within their communities.
Expenditure: $30,000 ($15,000 from grant funds; $15,000 local match)

Budget resolution 2015-072
Acceptance and appropriation of Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant.
Expenditure from grant funds: $49,439

Budget resolutions 2015-061 through 2015-071
Submission of grant applications, acceptance of approved funding for new and previously approved capital projects for FY15 and FY16.
Expenditure: 5,342,570 ($3,474,540 from FAA; $1,868,030 from FDOT); the local portion from reserves will be $1,868,030)

Budget resolution 2015-059
ECHO 2014-15 grants program

Budget resolution 2015-057
Florida Division of Elections HAVA grant agreement for community outreach for upcoming federal elections. 
Expenditure: $96,135 (from State funds = $83,596; 15% county match = $12,539)

Budget resolution 2015-056
Contract with ElderSource to provide services under Emergency Home Energy Assistance for the Elderly Program and master contract with ElderSource for a two year partnership. 
Expenditure from EHEAP grant funds: $99,221

Budget resolution 2015-055
Smyrna Dunes Park fishing pier grant application;
Expenditure: $331,000 (Ponce Inlet Port Authority fund = $166,000; Florida Inland Navigation District grant = $165,000)

Budget resolution 2015-053
FDOT grant agreement for federal funding for construction of the Veterans Memorial Bridge replacement in Daytona Beach;
Expenditure (from federal funds): $42,845,000

Budget resolution 2015-051
Sea turtle ambassador and education program grant;
Revenue (from grant funds): $7,250

Budget resolution 2015-050
Community Services Block Grant modification;
Expenditure (from grant funds): $94,704

Budget resolution 2015-049
Approval of summer food service program grant application; renewal of agreement with GA Food Service Inc., 14-B-88PW; and hiring of temporary workers;
Expenditure (from grant funds): $532,637

Budget resolution 2015-041
Transportation Regional Incentive Program grant; interlocal agreement with Pioneer Community Development District for construction of the S. Williamson Boulevard extension project in Port Orange; and authorization to secure financing.
Expenditure: $15,800,000 ($9.8 million = county local option gas taxes; $0.5 million = Inkind from City of Port Orange; and $5.5 million TRIP grant.)

Budget resolution 2015-039
Application and acceptance of FY 2015 State Criminal Alien Assistance Program funding and appropriation of proceeds.
Expenditure from program funds: $40,000

Budget resolution 2015-038
Contract task assignment to Hawkins, Hall & Ogle Architects, Inc., Daytona Beach Ocean Center air handler replacements. 
Expenditures: $109,000

Budget resolution 2015-035
FDOT grant agreement to fund design-build construction project of segment of the East Central Regional Rail Trail from the Brevard County Line to Cow Creek near Edgewater.
Expenditure: $9,823,138 (LAP funds = $7,465,283; ECHO trail set-aside funds = $2,357,855)

Budget resolution 2015-033
FDOT federal grant agreement to fund the design-build construction project of segment of the East Central Regional Rail Trail from Gobbler's Lodge Road to Maytown Spur Road near Oak Hill.
Expenditure from grant funds: $6,531,746

Budget resolution 2015-031
Fireman's Fund grant application.  Grant funds: $22,521

Budget resolution 2015-030
Florida Inland Navigation District grant for annual Halifax/Indian River clean up.
Revenue: $5,000

Budget resolution 2015-029
Florida Inland Navigation District grant for annual St. Johns River clean up.
Revenue: $5,000

Budget resolution 2015-024
Award of contract to Central Florida Building & Inspections, LLC for Sugar Mill Ruins restroom renovation, 15-B-26KW.
Expenditure from CDBG funds: $124,175

Budget resolution 2015-022
2015 Florida Inland Navigation District grant application.
Expenditure: $1,059,500 (funds from: Florida Boating Improvement Program = $529,750; F.I.N.D. Waterways Assistance Program = $529,750)

Budget resolution 2015-021
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program contract with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity for assistance to low income families and individuals to heat and cool their homes
Expenditure from LIHEAP funds: $1,402,948

Budget resolution 2015-015
FY 2015/2016 Victims of Crime Act grant.
Expenditure: $146,325 (VOCA Grant Revenues = $100,000; local match = $29,145; inkind match = $17,180)

Budget resolution 2015-014
FDOT grant agreement for paved shoulder construction along Doyle Road in the Deltona area.
Expenditure: $1,322,679 (LAP funds = $1,150,155; local option gas tax = $172,524)

Budget resolution 2015-010
DOT DUI Grant: Operation Zero Tolerance.
Expenditure from grant funds: $100,000

Budget resolution 2015-009 
Appropriation of Domestic Marijuana Eradication Program reimbursement grant.
Expenditure from grant funds: $20,000

Budget resolution 2015-008
Authorization of CY 2015 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area grant application; appropriation of grant funds.
Expenditure from grant funds: $223,556

Budget resolution 2015-005
Amendment to agreement for Florida Department of Environmental Protection funding participation in petroleum cleanup at Halifax Fire Station 13.
Expenditure: $533,333 (State grant funds: $400,000; local match of 25% ($133,333)

Budget resolution 2015-004
Agreement for Homeland Security grant.
Revenue: $17,778

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