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2017 Budget resolutions

Budget Resolution 2017-165
Cost-share agreement with St. Johns River Water Management District for stormwater treatment boxes near Gemini Springs. Expenditure: $380,000 ($190,000 from SJRWMD grant funds; $190,000 local match)

Budget Resolution 2017-164
Budget resolution - Acceptance and appropriation of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Bear Wise funding; purchase of bear resistant trash carts and sale at reduced price. Expenditure: $129,000 ($75,000 from Florida Fish and Wildlife; $32,250 from sales of bear resistant containers; $21,750 from waste collection reserves)

Budget Resolution 2017-163
Supplemental local agency program agreement no. 2 with Florida Department of Transportation, for additional federal funding for paved shoulder construction along Doyle Road in the Deltona area, 16-B-134JD, C1602. Expenditure from FDOT funds: $25,000

Budget Resolution 2017-161
Budget resolution - Amendment to contract with CFB Outdoors, Inc., DeLand, for beach maintenance, 14-P-20AK. Expenditure: $1,900,000

Budget Resolution 2017-155
Authorizing loan agreement for $7,000,000 for financing of a portion of the cost of a new sheriff's evidence facility; and appropriating loan proceeds.

Budget Resolution 2017-152
Submission approval, acceptance and appropriation to increase High Intensity Drug Traffic Area grant funds. Expenditure from grant funds: $49,000.

Budget Resolution 2017-151
Contract for severe repetitive flood loss grant to acquire and demolish 240 Cherokee Drive, Ormond Beach. 
Expenditure: $272,000 (100% from Florida Division of Emergency Management)

Budget resolution 2017-147
Amendment to contract with Faneuil, Inc. for toll collection services, 15-P-56RF. Expenditure: $930,337

Budget resolution 2017-146
Application for and appropriation of FY 2017-18 Keep America Beautiful affiliates grant funds. Expenditure: $24,000 (FDOT grant funds = $16,000; in kind match = $8,000)

Budget resolution 2017-145
Contract with P&S Paving, Inc. for reconstruction of Williams Avenue beach ramp, 17-B-166SR, C-1641. Expenditure: $130,050 (75% from FEMA; 12 ½ % from state; 12 ½% local)

Budget resolution 2017-143
Appropriation of emergency medical services trust fund. Revenue: $55,707 (EMS grant funds)

Budget resolution 2017-139 through 2017-141
Fiscal Year 2016-17 revised budget year-end fund reconciliation and fiscal year 2017-18 revised budget amendment for Hurricane Matthew.  Funding: $14,510,370 (amend FY 2016-17 operating funds = $3,376,269; non-operating funds = $2,128; Hurricane Irma = $6,488,219) (amend FY 2017-18 carry over from Hurricane Matthew = $4,643,754)

Budget Resolution 2017-137
Joint project agreement with City of Holly Hill for Rio Way utility relocation and drainage improvements.

Budget Resolution 2017-136
Establishment of economic development incentive fund for Brown & Brown.

Budget resolution 2017-132
Construction contracts with Saboungi Construction, Inc., Ormond Beach; Seacoast, Inc.; and Condor Construction, Corp., for dune walkover repairs from Hurricane Matthew. Expenditure: $1,320,939

Budget resolution 2017-126
$2,500 donation from Steve Weatherford for beach wheelchair.

Budget resolution 2017-125
Approval to adopt the fiscal year 2017-18 Operating Budget totaling $712,641,123 and a Non-operating Budget of $141,719,569. 

Budget resolution 2017-122
Use of Federal Homeland Security grant for position funding. Expenditure from grant funds: $58,000 (from the Orange County Sheriff's Office/Urban Security Initiative)

Budget resolution 2017-121
Cost-share agreement with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for Rio Way drainage improvements and utility relocation. Expenditure from FDEP grant funds: $935,618 (for 50% of project’s total cost)

Budget resolution 2017-118
Fiscal Year 2016-17 revised budget adjustments for Hurricane Matthew.
Revenue: $25,450,602 (county match = $3,125,000)

Budget resolutions 2017-114
​Adding in-kind services for Excellence in Sexual Assault Response Program grant match. Expenditure: $20,000 (grant funds = $15,000; 25% in-kind match = $5,000)

Budget resolution 2017-113
Appropriating Florida Sheriff's Association grant assistance for the purchase of emergency opioid antagonists. 
Expenditure from grant funds: $11,700

Budget resolution 2017-112
Acceptance and appropriation of Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant for electronic monitoring program. 
Expenditure from JAG funds: $49,716

Budget resolution 2017-111
Cost-share agreement with St. Johns River Water Management District for Rio Way drainage improvements. 
Expenditure: $1,660,789 (33% grant funds from SJRWMD = $548,060; Balance of estimated project costs [additional grant opportunities being pursued] = $1,112,729)

Budget resolution 2017-109
Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program agreement modification and budget resolution. 
Expenditure: from additional LIHEAP funds = $165,400

Budget resolution 2017-108
Appropriation of State Housing Initiatives Partnership program funds.
Expenditure: from SHIP funds = $2,306,427

Budget resolution 2017-104
Agreement with FBI to receive federal funding to purchase equipment for local task force officers. Expenditure: from federal funds $28,200 

Budget resolution 2017-103
Grant agreement with the Florida Division of Emergency Management for county-wide fixed facility hazards analysis. Revenue: $8,208

Budget resolutions 2017-100, 2017-101, 2017-102
Application and acceptance of federal and state grant aid for capital projects for construction of Taxiway November (Local), Taxiway Sierra and Taxiway November (FAA) [respectively] associated budget resolutions. Expenditure: from grants$10,300,000

Budget Resolution 2017-097
Budget Resolution - Emergency Management Performance grant agreement. Expenditure: $279,896 (federal grant funds = $139,948; in-kind match = $139,948) 

Budget Resolution 2017-096
Budget Resolution - Emergency Management Preparedness and Assistance Trust Fund grant agreement. Expenditure: from grant funds = $115,806

Budget Resolution 2017-093
Budget Resolution - Submission of fiscal year 2017-18 one-year action plan to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and appropriation of grant proceeds. Expenditure: $2,705,908 (from grant funds CDBG = $1,881,679; HOME = $671,050)

Budget resolution 2017-085 
Fiscal year 2016-17 revised budget adjustments to close out grants. (Inter-fund transfer in-Revenue: $1,114,328; $1,114,328 Interfund transfer out -Expenditure: $1,114,328

Budget resolution 2017-084
Amended grant agreement with Halifax Urban Ministries, Inc., for Hope Place. Expenditure: $727,000

Budget resolution 2017-083
Second amendment to interlocal infrastructure grant agreement with City of DeLand, for the DeLand homeless facility. Expenditure: $125,000

Budget resolution 2017-082
Transportation improvements cost allocation agreement with the City of Daytona Beach and Tomoka Town Center, LLC (developer).  Revenue: $1,796,043 (in exchange for road impact fee credits)

Budget resolution 2017-080
Appropriation of federal and state capital project grant funds; and use of Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority Consortium Contract #14-C09 to purchase five Gillig transit buses. Expenditure from grant funds: $6,923,937

Budget resolution 2017-079
Emergency Home Energy Assistance for the Elderly Program contract. Expenditure from grant funds: $94,381

Budget resolution 2017-078
First Step Shelter interlocal grant agreement. Expenditure: $4,500,000

Budget resolution 2017-076
Grant agreement with FDOT for design of the segment of the Spring to Spring Trail from the intersection of Baxter Street and Grand Avenue to the intersection of Spring Garden Avenue and US-17 in the DeLeon Springs area. Revenue: $500,000 (100% reimbursement)

Budget resolution 2017-073
State of Florida grant agreement for Ponce de Leon Inlet management plan and sediment budget update. Revenue: $155,714 (Beach management funding assistance program funds = $116,785.50; Ponce Inlet Port Authority local match = $38,928.50)

Budget resolution 2017-065
Agreement with Florida Department of Juvenile Justice to provide GPS electronic monitoring service; appropriation of contract funds; and authorization for management specialist position. Expenditure: $56,034

Budget resolution 2017-064
Florida Inland Navigation District grant for annual 2017 Halifax/Indian River Cleanup and International Coastal Cleanup. Expenditure from grant funds: $5,000

Budget resolution 2017-059
Acceptance of NEA Big Read grant.  Expenditure: $28,000 (grant funds from NEA = $14,000; matching funds = $14,000)

Budget resolution 2018-058 
Extension of Emergency Home Energy Assistance for the Elderly Program contract; and appropriation of additional funds.  Expenditure: $1,761 (from EHEAEP funds)

Budget resolution 2017-057
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program contract.  Expenditure: $1,306,042 (from LIHEAP funds)

Budget resolution 2017-053
Application for summer food service program grant; renewal of agreement with GA Food Service, Inc., 14-B-88PW; and hiring of temporary workers.  Expenditure from grant funds: $715,946

Budget resolution 2017-050
US Marshals Service award for overtime and the purchase of computers, printers, and associated equipment.  Awarded funds: $14,650

Budget resolution 2017-049
Acceptance and appropriation of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Bear Wise funding; purchase of bear resistant trash carts and sale at reduced price. Expenditure: $75,000 (FWC funds = $40,000; county’s portion = $35,000)

Budget resolution 2017-048
Florida Division of Elections HAVA grant agreement. Expenditure: $97,072 (grant funds = $84,410; 15% county match = $12,662)

Budget resolution 2017-047
Appropriation of Community Development Block Grant and HOME Investment Partnerships Program funds. Expenditure from grant funds: $202,950 (CDBC grant funds = $150,000; HOME grant funds = $52,950)

Budget resolutions 2017-040 through 2017-045
Application and acceptance of federal and state grant aid for capital projects.  Expenditure: $15,920,000 (grant funds from FAA = $9,000,000; grant funds from FDOT = $3,460,000; local match = $3,460,000)

Budget resolution 2017-035
Natural Resources Conservation Services cooperative agreement for emergency watershed protection measures.  Expenditure: $1,482,915 (funds from NRC = $1,129,840;  county’s match = $353,075)

Budget resolution 2017-034
FDOT Grant agreement for design of segment of Spring to Spring Trail from Detroit Terrace, south of Blue Spring State Park, to U.S. 17/92 at Dirksen Drive in DeBary. Expenditure: $350,639 (grant funds from FDOT = $272,160; ECHO set aside trail funds = $78,479)

Budget resolution 2017-025
​2017 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area grant application; appropriation of grant funds.  Additional grant funds = $10,500

Budget resolution 2017-024
2017-2018 Excellence in Sexual Assault Response Project grant to train department personnel.  Expenditure: $18,750 (ESARP grant funds = $15,000; sheriff’s office match = 25%)

Budget resolution 2017-023
Florida Inland Navigation District grant for annual St. Johns River cleanup. Revenue: $5,000

Budget resolution 2017-022
2017 Florida Inland Navigation District grant application for Lemon Bluff Park. Expenditure: $450,000 (F.I.N.D. grant funds = $225,000; county matching funds = $225,000)

Budget resolution 2017-021
Budget resolution - Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program agreement modification. Expenditure (from LIHEAP funds: $38,404)

Budget resolution 2017-019
Appropriation of inlet district reserves for the Smyrna Dunes Park fishing pier project.  Expenditure: $271,525

Budget resolution 2017-017
FDOT aggressive driving grant to combat speed and aggressive driving and appropriation of funds for overtime costs of deputies assigned to high-visibility, zero tolerance enforcement operations.

Budget resolution 2017-016
FY 2017-2018 Victims of Crime Acts grant and appropriation of grant proceeds.

Budget resolution 2017-015
Acceptance of Paul Coverdell grant; and appropriation of grant funds for heavy duty body bags and high risk gloves.

Budget resolution 2017-013
Community Services Block Grant FY 17 application; and approval of contract with the State of Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

Budget resolution 2017-007
Florida Department of Health Emergency Medical Services matching grant program for stair chairs. Expenditure: $60,094 (75% state funding =$40,070.31; 25% county funding =$15,024)

Budget resolution 2017-004
Appropriation of additional SHIP funds, to be used to enhance counseling services to prepare income eligible homebuyers to purchase a home and to maintain homeownership. Additional SHIP funds: $49,500

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