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Development Engineering

Development Engineering is responsible for providing engineering reviews and inspections for subdivisions, site plans/stormwater management, subdivision exemption applications, determinations of vested rights and use permits.

Commercial development
Obtain floodplain designation
Land development
Subdividing or combining lots

Subdivision reviews

Subdivision reviews involve review of subdivision plans at the following stages:

  • Sketch plan - deals with level of development in flood plain, if any.
  • Overall development plan - preliminary layout of roads, lots, drainage retention areas, etc.
  • Preliminary plat - review of plat and construction drawings and detailed stormwater review.
  • Final plat - review of final plat.
  • Final site plan reviews consist of review of site plans for compliance with the Land Development Code. Items reviewed are: access, traffic circulation, sidewalk needs, legal parcel, turn lane requirements together with stormwater review.
  • Stormwater reviews consist of checking stormwater calculations, grading plan, soils compatibility with plan, water table determination, retention area slopes, stabilization of slopes, checking for St. Johns permits, affect on adjacent lands, etc.
  • Unrecorded subdivision determinations involve review proposals for compliance with exempted activities under the Land Development Code such as lot line adjustments, lot combinations, etc.
  • Use permit reviews involve reviewing submitted plans for compliance with County standards. Use permits are required before doing any type work in the right-of-way, such as driveway connections and underground utilities.


  • Use permit inspections - Utility, preliminary driveway, road/turn lane construction, miscellaneous
  • Complaint investigations - Obstructions in right-of-way, drainage problems
  • Subdivision improvement inspections Progressive and final inspection of roads, underground utilities, drainage systems, retention area
  • Final site plan inspections
    Inspection of final site plan improvements, especially stormwater and access improvements

To schedule inspections or to get permit or inspection status, call our automated inspection system at 386-736-5928.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Where do I get applications needed for the development process, use permit applications, and subdivision exemption applications? What are the fees for these applications? Is there a standard form stating the procedures to follow?
A. These applications and procedures, along with the fee schedule can be obtained online or from Land Development at:
123 W. Indiana Ave., Room 202
DeLand, FL 32720
Telephone: 386-736-5942

Use permits, culverts, right-of-way

Q. Do I need a permit to install a culvert?
A. Yes, you will need a use permit for any work done in the county right-of-way. An application may be obtained from the Land Development office at the Thomas C. Kelly Administration Center in DeLand. Call 386-736-5942.

Q. Is there a list of requirements you can send me on doing work in the county right-of-way?
A. A Use Permit Conditions and Requirements list is included when one obtains an application for Use Permit from Land Development.

Q. The culvert under my driveway is caving in. Will the county replace it?
A. If you live on a county-maintained road, call the Road and Bridge office at 386-822-6422. 

Q. High, overgrown bushes in the right-of-way are blocking the view of roadway. Who can help?
A. If you live on a county-maintained road, call the Road and Bridge office at 386-822-6422.

Q. Our driveway and yard are being flooded from stormwater and it seems to be caused by a stopped-up culvert, storm drain, or lack of drain on the road. Who can help alleviate problem?
A. If you live on a county-maintained road, contact the Road and Bridge office at 386-822-6422. 


Q. I need a date of subdivision for a septic tank permit application. Who do I call?
A. If parcel is in an unrecorded subdivision or is just acreage, call 386-736-5926 to get the date the parcel was divided. If it is in a recorded subdivision, call 386-736-5967, ext. 12272, for subdivision date.

Q. Can I put up a brick mailbox? What are Volusia County's requirements for mailboxes?
A. Brick mailboxes or any solid structure mailbox that does not conform to the following standards is considered illegal. The type of supports that are acceptable are:

Wood posts: 4 " diameter if round; 4" x 4" if rectangular
Metal pipes: 2" inside diameter (maximum) standard steel, or aluminum.
Number of supports: Use only one support for one box or group boxes.

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