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Educational opportunities

Volusia County is rich in so many resources due to its location. Its water resources range from our beautiful Ocean to Estuarine Marine life, and extend to the St. Johns River where fresh water pours out of natural springs. Inland, Volusia County has conservation lands which are part of a statewide effort to provide a wildlife corridor and natural habitat where bear, deer and other wildlife live and thrive in the wild.

Volusia County Environmental Management has convened a Water Education Task Team (WETT) to coordinate educational opportunities between all of our divisions, and to focus on water related education through all of our education and outreach efforts.  We have created a course catalog that lists all of the educational offerings within Environmental Management, and identifies areas for improvement.  We plan to develop additional multi-media materials to broaden our ability to educate our residents and visitors.  If you see a course of interest please contact Environmental Management at 386-736-5927 for more information.

Beach and Wildlife Education Materials

For posters, brochures and educational material about the Beach and Wildlife on the beach for residents and visitors, free of charge.

Explore Volusia

This site contains information on Educational Programs at the Lyonia Enviornmental Center, Marine Science Center, and on County Conservation Lands. You will also find downloadable brochures on various plants and animals as well as other topics of interest to residents and visitors of Volusia County. Explore Volusia brings all of our Education Opportunities under one umbrella for easy access to all programs, most free of charge.

Estuaries "Cradles of the Ocean"

Find out how local students are interacting with Volusia County and the restoration of mangroves in our Estuaries.

Florida Manatee Education

This site is a learning resource for students, teachers and anyone interested in learning about one of Florida’s most endangered marine mammals. The Florida manatee is a state and federally listed endangered species, and public knowledge and awareness is one of the key factors for its survival. This page contains lots of fun and educational activities for students, including a detailed look at manatee habitat, eating habits, and anatomy. You can even make your own manatee puppet!

Florida Scrub Jay Education

Banding a scrub jay involves putting permanent “bracelets” on the bird’s legs, just above the foot. Total handling time is minimal, and all individuals who band the scrub jays have permits from the appropriate agencies. Please help conserve the Florida scrub jay, the only bird found exclusively in Florida and a flagship species for the rapidly disappearing Florida scrub ecosystem.

Gopher Tortoise Education

Become a Gopher Tracker! The gopher tortoise needs your help. Volusia County is gathering volunteers who want to help in our efforts to protect the gopher tortoise. Gopher Trackers document sightings of gopher tortoises and their burrows.

Lyonia Environmental Center

Lyonia Preserve is a 360-acre joint project of Volusia County's Environmental Management Division and the Volusia County School Board to restore and maintain scrub habitat. Lyonia is home to the Deltona Regional Library and promotes the Florida Scrub Jay.

Marine Science Center

The Marine Science Center offers a wide variety of programs for children and adults throughout the year. Students young and old can discover the many wonders of marine life in environmentally rich Volusia County.

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