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Exotic plant removal

Due to its ability to displace native species and disrupt natural processes such as fire and water flow, air potato is listed as one of Florida’s most invasive plants.

 Many people are unaware of the problems that exotic plants cause in Volusia County. People often incorrectly perceive of exotic plants as easier to grow, more colorful, or less expensive to buy. Residents, especially those new to Central Florida, are not accustomed to our native flora and unknowingly contribute to exotic invasive plants being introduced into Florida’s natural areas.

Of particular threat are the exotic invasive plants that have no locally occurring pests or diseases that would normally keep these plants in check in their country of origin. Many of these exotic invasive plants have become established in our county parks and on other publicly and privately owned lands. These exotic invasive plants are displacing the native plant species that our wildlife depends upon.

The exotic plant removal program strives to educate residents and visitors to Volusia County about the problems related to exotic invasive plants in our local communities. It also promotes the concepts of planting native plants, being water wise, and being responsible when using fertilizers or pesticides.

A proactive outcome of this education program will be training citizens to recognize and remove exotic invasive plants. They will learn the removal techniques in our public natural areas first, and then use that knowledge to eliminate exotics growing in their own backyards.

Plan of action

  • Locate and document exotic plant species at Green Springs Park – pilot project
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Train volunteer group in exotic plant removal techniques
  • Locate and remove exotic plant species in other county parks and public lands
  • Monitor results

Your involvement

You can help by volunteering your time to learn about the exotic plants in your area and joining our removal team.

Colby Park photo album

Campbell Park photo album

DBIA Brazilian Pepper Removal

DBIA Native Planting

DeBary Hall Exotic Plant Removal photo album

Gateway Park photo album

Gemini Springs photo album

Green Spring photo album

Exotic Evasive Plant Species photo album

Become a member of the Counter Invasives Agents (CIA)


Avoid these plants  [PDF]
Australian pine invasion  [PDF]
Brazilian pepper invasion  [PDF]

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