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Monofilament recycling & recovery program

Volusia County Environmental Management implements a successful recycling program that focuses on removing used monofilament fishing line from the environment. Discarded fishing line accounts for many tragic wildlife deaths due to entanglement. Birds face prolonged death from starvation by having the line wrapped around their beaks or necks. When their wings or legs become tangled, it hinders or removes their ability to fly, search for food, and avoid predators. Manatee, turtles, alligators, and other wildlife suffer from loss of limbs from line entanglement and even death from gangrenous infection, or ingestion of the line. Fishing line discarded in our waterways also fouls boat propellers which is a serious litter problem, especially around boat ramps and fishing areas. Even when the line is disposed in trash bins it still goes to the landfill which creates the same hazards for wildlife, unless it is cut into small pieces. One solution to the problem is to have recycling containers available to boaters and fishermen to discard their used line.

Volusia County has placed containers at many locations throughout the county.  Please see the following for a list of line recycling container locations Monofilament recycling container locations and also a list of bait and tackle stores Monofilament recycling center locations that participate in recycling monofilament line. We are looking for individuals and groups who feel a connection to the environment and are willing to adopt a container and empty it on a regular basis. The success of this program depends on citizens and communities becoming involved and taking action. This is a fantastic service project for Scout groups and other civic organizations. It promotes community service, protection of wildlife, and a commitment to keeping Volusia County Beautiful! If you or your group would like to be part of this project, please call Volusia County Environmental Management at 386-736-5927.

Volusia County underwater clean-up efforts

Volusia County Environmental Management holds underwater clean-up events each summer along the north jetty at Ponce Inlet. While our volunteers are working hard to keep monofilament line from entering the waterways we have been making an effort to remove some of the line and debris that has already made its way into Volusia County waters.

This year’s clean-up efforts are currently underway. A team of divers, spotters, and captains including Volusia County staff, UCF students, Hubbs Sea World Research Institute Volunteers, Alshouse & Associates employees, and the US Coast Guard are assembled to assist with each event. Scuba divers dive at slack tide and remove debris including: lures, nets, anchors, rope, fishing poles, and thousands of feet of monofilament fishing line from this popular fishing spot.

Events such as this are important for area wildlife as hundreds of fish, birds, turtles, and marine mammals become entangled in monofilament fishing line and other debris every year. During the clean-up events divers are able to free animals that are severely entangled including crabs and fish species.

The group hopes to collect more debris each year as the events grow larger. There is still an enormous amount of debris present in the waterway in need of removal.

Click here for the State of Florida Monofilament Recycling & Recovery Program

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