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Storm drain curb marking

Stormwater that drains into the watershed is a pollution source that is sometimes overlooked. Storm drain marking is a proven method of increasing community awareness about non-point source pollution.

Traditionally stencils have been painted on the curbs. Stenciling can be messy and is not permanent. Volusia County Environmental Management has begun a storm drain marking program using curb markers. The four-inch circle markers have a picture of either a manatee or a dolphin and read "No Dumping, Drains to Waterways !No Contamine!"

These durable markers are easy to see and also aesthetically pleasing. They are glued to the tops of storm drains and on the curbs where stormwater is a common problem. Volusia County Environmental Management has mapped out the county and determined the ideal high stormwater flow neighborhoods that could benefit from the curb marking. Now that the pilot locations have been completed, more markers will be purchased and more areas covered. The goal of this stormwater project is to dispel the idea that all stormwater gets treated before it enters the watershed. Usually only waste water from inside buildings is sent to a Waste Water Treatment Facility, so it is important to inform the public not to dump anything into storm drains.

For more information on Storm Drain marking or for questions contact Christie Miller at

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