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Manatee Protection Plan

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWCC) approved Phase II of the Manatee Protection Plan (MPP) for Volusia County on October 19, 2005. Phase II is the Boat Facility Siting component of the MPP, which establishes boat slip to shoreline ratios throughout the county, mandates the use of specific siting criteria, and creates mitigation fees that will support the new Manatee Conservation Fund for additional on-the-water manatee speed zone enforcement and conservation.

In February 2001, the FWCC approved Phase I of the MPP, which addresses manatee/human interaction, habitat inventory, habitat protection, education, research and governmental coordination.

Permitting Process

Manatee Protection Plan-Phase I

Manatee Protection Plan-Phase II

Non-single family residence commercial

Single family residence

Manatee Protection Plan 2020 Annual Report

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