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Field Trip Program

The Lyonia Environmental Center offers a wide range of program choices for students K-12. By planning a field trip to the Lyonia Environmental Center (LEC), you are giving your students an opportunity to learn about a unique ecosystem – the Florida scrub.

The LEC offers a variety of programs that will take students and visitors on a journey inside our classrooms and along the Lyonia Preserve trails. Your group can enjoy interpretive tours of the LEC gallery and Lyonia Preserve, or you can customize your day from the menu of programs that are linked to FCAT and Sunshine State Standards. Programs generally last 2 to 2 ½ hours.

Below is a list of our Field Trip programs. At the bottom of the page you will find a google calendar with available dates, frequently asked questions, an information packet, and an application to register your class for a field trip. After completing the application, please send it to Shari Smith, our program coordinator, at Once your application is received you will be contacted to confirm your date and program selections.


What’s the difference between a turtle, tortoise and terrapin? Students will learn about the “landlord of the scrub”-the gopher tortoise, Volusia County’s threatened and endangered sea turtle species, as well as diamondback terrapins that live in estuaries. This indoor activity will provide aquatic and terrestrial fun and create a take-home craft.

Scrub Jay


Students will learn about the anatomical features of birds and the adaptations that help them to survive in the environments in which they reside. Students will compare features of different types of birds in relation to their environment.  Students will use critical thinking skills to creativity design a bird for a take home craft. Students must be able to trace.



Butterflies and moths are beautiful, amazing insects! Students will be intrigued with the metamorphosis process as they learn to identify the stages of a butterfly’s life cycle, migration patterns and the importance of host plants. This program may include live caterpillars (with possible butterflies) if booked in May or June. This is an indoor activity with a take home craft.



Florida is home to many species of snakes! In this program, students will learn about snake anatomy, diet, and how to recognize 4 common venomous snakes found in Volusia County. Students will learn to appreciate the important role these reptiles play in the ecology of Florida. An encounter with a live non-venomous snake is possible in this activity.



Many insects spit, spray, sting, and bite in response to being disturbed or threatened. Sometimes an insect’s physical appearance itself can be a type of self-defense. Students will learn about insects, scorpions, spiders and other creatures that use these tactics. Students will use critical thinking skills while making a take home craft in this indoor activity.



Meet the LEC animal ambassadors! Students will learn the difference between native and exotic and the impact exotics can have on our native species. This program features species native to Florida as well as others from far away (including snakes). If circumstances allow, students will have the opportunity to touch several of the live animals.

Sea Turtle


Students will learn about environmental stewardship while making/decorating personal pledges that highlight ways they can help protect endangered species, the environment and Lyonia Preserve. Teachers may choose from a gopher tortoise, Florida scrub jay or a sea turtle. This activity may be offered indoors or outdoors and includes a take home craft.

Please send completed Registration Form to Shari Smith at Questions should also be directed to Shari Smith at 386-789-7207, ext. #21026.

We look forward to seeing you in the Scrub!!

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