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Gopher Trackers


Become a Gopher Tracker!

The gopher tortoise needs your help. Volusia County is gathering volunteers who want to help in our efforts to protect the gopher tortoise.

Gopher Trackers document sightings of gopher tortoises and their burrows. All we need to know is where you saw the tortoise or its burrows. Please be as specific as possible. A complete address is best, but if that is not available, simply tell us what street (with cross roads if possible) you documented the tortoise or burrow on with the closest landmark.

If you would like to give more information please do so. For example, photos, GPS waypoints, if you saw what the tortoise was it doing, etc.

The gopher tortoise is listed as a threatened species. Please do not harm, harass, handle or feed the gopher tortoise. Please DO NOT TRESPASS to get this information.

Do not disturb gopher tortoise burrow

It is illegal to take, harm or harass this
species under rule 68A – 27.005 of the
Florida Administration Code. The destruction
of the gopher tortoise burrows constitutes taking
under the law.

Any person who violates this provision is
guilty of a misdemeanor of the second
degree under Florida Law Chapter 372.0725.
If you witness a violation, please
call the Florida Fish and Wildlife
Conservation Commission at


Gopher Tracker training (revised August 2009) Click on this link to learn more about gopher tortoises

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