Beachfront lighting information

A sea turtle hatchling makes its way to the ocean.

Bright lights can disorient and confuse sea turtles on the beach. On a natural beach, females choose dark beaches lit only by the moonlight to lay their nests. As hatchlings emerge from their nests, they orient themselves toward the water using the dark silhouette of the natural sand dunes behind them and the openness of the lighter horizon over the water in front of them.

To help protect turtles from bright lights, Volusia County developed a Beach Lighting Management Plan and is working with oceanfront property owners to reduce lighting problems along our beaches.  The lighting ordinance applies during sea turtle nesting season which runs May 1 - Oct. 31.  Please review the documents and information provided below and contact our staff if you have any questions about beachfront lighting and sea turtles.


Beach Lighting Management Plan  [PDF]

Volusia County Lighting Ordinance  [PDF]

Sea Turtle Lighting Acknowledgment Form  [PDF]

Consumer Advisory for new doors and windows  [PDF]

Lighting tips and contacts  [PDF]

Reducing artificial lights for sea turtles [PDF]

Coastal Roadway Lighting Manual  [PDF]

To request a copy of this PSA email

Jennifer Winters
HCP Program Manager

Samantha McCorkle
HCP Program Field Manager

Christina Phillips
Sea Turtle Lighting Specialist


For stranded sea turtles during
business hours call Beach Safety
and option 0 for operator:

For stranded sea turtles during
nights and weekends call Sheriff's
dispatch and option 1 for operator:

For any other stranding call FWC: