Washback watchers

What should you do if you find a small washback sea turtle?

Are you an avid beach walker who is interested in volunteering your time to look for more than just seashells along the beach?

If you are, join the Washback Watcher program! This team of permitted volunteers is trained to find and rescue young sea turtles that wash ashore due to heavy winds and surf (August through November).

Volunteers help us look for sea turtles among accumulations of seaweed along their favorite section of beach. Training only takes place in June or July each year.

For more information, please contact Volusia County Environmental Management staff at 386-238-4716 or 238-4668.

Washback Watcher chain of custody  [PDF]

Washback Watcher chain of custody   [On-line form]

Washback Watcher survey log   [PDF] 

Washback Watcher survey log    [On-line form]

Washback volunteer zone map   [PDF] 

Seaweed Secrets Solved!  [PDF]

The Wrack Community   [PDF]

Jennifer Winters
HCP Program Manager

Samantha McCorkle
HCP Program Field Manager

Christina Phillips
Sea Turtle Lighting Specialist


For stranded sea turtles during
business hours call Beach Safety
and option 0 for operator:

For stranded sea turtles during
nights and weekends call Sheriff's
dispatch and option 1 for operator:

For any other stranding call FWC: