Webster Creek Mitigation Bank

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The proposed Webster Creek Mitigation Bank is being reviewed through the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) and the US Army Corps of Engineers (Corps).  Those two agencies have jurisdiction over the permitting of mitigation banks, in consultation with the state and federal wildlife agencies, other agencies including the Department of Environmental Protection, and with consideration of public input.  

The complete application and all supporting documents of the SJRWMD permit can be found at https://permitting.sjrwmd.com/epermitting/jsp/Search.do?theAction=searchDetail&permitNumber=146336.  The link includes a method for the public to provide comments or feedback.

Volusia County Letter to Governor Rick Scott
IRLC letter
SJRWMD letter

Project Boundary Map
Trustees Deed to Property Owner's Predecessor

Rob Walsh
Environmental Management Activity Project Manager
386-736-5927, ext. 12733