Open for Business

Volusia County is Open for Business!

Open for Business - the Central Florida Coalition for Growth & Prosperity, was established in 2012 to address the region's economic recovery. Focused first on identifying economic and regulatory barriers, this broad-based coalition represents thousands of employers in the seven county Central Florida area made up of Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole, and Volusia counties.

On December 6, 2012, the County Council of Volusia County unanimously adopted Resolution 2015-155 supporting Central Florida's "Open for Business" initiative to promote business climate, great service, job creation and business investment.

We are confident that the identification and removal of regional barriers constraining existing and new business enterprises inspires employer confidence and job creation, and distinguishes Central Florida as a place that is truly "Open for Business." We see local governments within our region joining together to set high standards for streamlined permitting processes that allow businesses to open quickly, so that people are able to work. New and incumbent businesses deserve those same high standards wherever they do business in Central Florida. The "Open for Business" recommendations are difficult but "do-able." They ensure meaningful and measureable progress toward our goals. We must remove obstacles to participating in the new economy. These are priority actions. ("Open for Business" Report: Leaders in Eight Counties Identify Ways to Create More Jobs. Fall 2011. Page 2)

Volusia County Permitting Standards - Our action steps and approaches to ensure success

  • Customer Service - Instill positive proactive attitude in the staff project review team, throughout the entire process, to help the customer make his or her project a reality.

  • Pre-application Review - Provide for each pre-application project review to include all applicable departments. Everyone to work with the customer to try and make the project a reality.

  • Minimize Costs - Minimize customer costs especially during the pre-application and preliminary review process to keep customer costs down.

  • Ensure the Ombudsman Role - After pre-application review, provide one point of contact to guide customer throughout the entire approval process.

  • Time is of the Essence - Establish aggressive timelines for project approvals. Again this saves the customer time and money.

  • Minimize approval steps- Minimize the steps for project approval depending on the type and size of development request; (Planned Unit Development) (Subdivision) (Permitted Conditional Use) etc.

  • Process Improvements - Commit to regular evaluations of the development review and permitting process to ensure an efficient and value­ added process. Implement process improvements, to include technology upgrades and innovations, as appropriate and feasible.

  • Post Project Approval - After project approval is achieved, minimize the time and steps for project permit amendments and/or revisions.

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Sarah Presley
Administrative Aide

Tara Boujoulian
Operations Manager

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Staff Assistant II