The Graphics office provides specialized graphics and mapping services as required by Growth and Resource Management Department and other county departments.

The Graphics office provides 911 Addressing, please use the Address Request Form to obtain, correct, and or verify an address within unicorporated Volusia County. 

Requests for mapping services from the general public are also accepted.

Map products are now available for download in pdf format or available to purchase as hard copies. The pdf files contain the GIS layers and the coordinate information; Adobe 7.0 or higher is needed to view the coordinate information.


Volusia County Mapbook 2015 Edition

Updates to the Mapbook are made twice a year.
To improve the accuracy of our database, we appreciate any errors or omissions brought to our attention; corrections will be reflected in future editions.

Future Land Use Map
Generalized Zoning Map
Volusia County Major Land Holdings

The above maps are 32”x32” at a scale of 1” = 2 miles

A partial listing of available maps is as follows:  (call for prices)

Map name

Map scale

County map

1" = 1 mile

County map

1" = 2 miles

County map with township,
range and ection

1" = 2 miles

Street centerlines:
Central Volusia
West Volusia
NW Volusia
North Coastal
South Coastal
East Central Coastal

1" = 2,000 feet

Address map

1" = 400 feet

Future Land Use Map
- map scale

1" = 2 miles

Future Land Use Map
by quad sheet for the following sheets:
415, 440, 464, 465, 466, 538, 566

1" = 2,000 feet

Future Land Use Map by
quad sheet for any other sheets
not listed above

1" = 2,000 feet

Zoning maps (by township-range-section)

1" = 400 feet

To order maps, please call the numbers above; send an email to; or write the Graphics Activity of the Volusia County Growth and Resource Management Department at 123 West Indiana Avenue, DeLand, FL 32720.

Updated 06/06/19 9:15 a.m.

Chris Cromer, GISP
Graphics Manager

386-736-5959, ext. 12012