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Applications and forms

Original signed applications or forms and the applicable number of copies of plans and other supporting documents must be submitted to the Land Development Office. The application or submission may or may not have a specific deadline date, prior to which the documents must be filed. Submission deadline dates are for projects that will be reviewed at either a Development Review Committee (DRC) meeting or a staff review meeting. Please refer to the information below to determine if a deadline is applicable to your application or resubmission.

Bear in mind that the review timeline for your project is directly related to the timeliness and completeness of your submission.

Applications seeking a Development Order by the DRC:

2020 Land Development Submission and Meeting Schedule - Adopted December 4, 2019, Revised January 9, 2020

Land Development Fee Schedule - Effective October 1, 2019

Key: Overall Development Plan (ODP); Preliminary Plat (PPL); Final Plat (FPL); Final Site Plan (FSP). Note, Conceptual Site Plan (CPN) *DRC action is not required.

Subdivision Plan Review
ODP/FPL Application & Non-Concurrency Affidavit
PPL Application & Concurrency Certificate or Inquiry
ODP/PPL/FPL Checklists and Procedures

Commercial Plan Review
CPN Application & Non-Concurrency Affidavit
FSP Application & Concurrency Certificate or Inquiry

CPN/FSP Checklists and Procedures

Miscellaneous Application Review

Enterprise Community Overlay Zone DRC Waiver Application
Combination of Lots/Adjustment of Lots Application/Vested Rights
Use Permit Checklists and Procedures
Use Permit Application
Architectural Paver Details and Hold Harmless & Use Permit Application
Flood Hazard Management Checklists and Procedures
Flood Hazard Management Variance Application
Stormwater Management Permit Checklists and Procedures
Stormwater Management Permit Application
Tree Removal Permit Checklists and Procedures
Tree Removal Permit Application
Wetland Alteration Permit Checklists and Procedures
Wetland Alteration Permit Application
Potable Water Well Field Protection Permit Checklists and Procedures
Potable Water Well Field Protection Permit Application

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