Development Review Committee

The DRC meetings are held twice monthly beginning at 9 a.m. with no time certain assigned. Unless otherwise noted, meetings will take place in room 202 of the Thomas C. Kelly Administration Center, 123 W. Indiana Ave., DeLand, Florida.

2019 Land Development Submission and Meeting Schedule - Adopted January 2, 2019

The DRC meeting date of September 5, 2019 has been moved to September 10, 2019, due to Hurricane Dorian.

The duties and responsibilities of the DRC shall include:

  • Reviewing all applications under this ordinance to:
    • Delineate areas of noncompliance with county development requirements; and
    • Define steps necessary to bring applications into compliance with county development requirements.
  • Approving applications for development orders.
  • When, in the judgment of the DRC, strict application of the requirements of this ordinance would result in an inequitable or unreasonable result, stifle innovative or creative design, or create undue hardship when applied to a specific project or development, the DRC may modify such requirements to the extent necessary to achieve equity or reasonableness, or relieve the undue hardship; provided that no such modification shall be contrary to requirements of law or the general policies of this ordinance; nor shall any such modification as applied to one development, establish precedent with regard to any other development subject to review. Application for such modification may be submitted with the development review application at any phase of the review process.
  • Performing such additional duties as the county manager may, from time to time, assign.

[Excerpt from the Land Development Code of Volusia County, Florida, Section 72-501(b)(3) Duties & Responsibilities]

Chair: Clay Ervin, Director, Growth and Resource Management
Member: John V. Angiulli, Director, Public Works
Member: Rick Karl, Director, Aviation and Economic Resources
Staff: Palmer M. Panton, CLS, Director, Planning and Development Services
Staff: John G. Thomson, AICP, Land Development Manager
Staff: Tadd Kasbeer, PE, County Engineer
Staff: Scott Martin, PE, Engineering Section Manager

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John G. Thomson, AICP
Land Development Manager