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Frequently asked questions

Q. Who do I contact to find out how to develop my property?
A. Contact the Volusia County Land Development Office:

Q. Where can I access the Volusia County Land Development Code?
A. The Land Development Code is Chapter 72 of the Code of Ordinances.  Online access to the County's Code of Ordinances can be found on  The webpage link to the County's code can be found on  Once on the Municode website, you will need to scroll down to Chapter 72 and then to Article III, Land Development Regulations. 

Q. Where can I find a copy of my platted subdivision?
The Volusia County Clerk of the Circuit Court records and maintains all recorded plats in the county.  Please visit to view public records in Volusia County.

Q. How do I subdivide my property?
A. You first must contact Zoning to determine the minimum lot size and width requirements based on the property’s current zoning classification. Land Development has a process for the review of subdivisions, the first step of which is the Overall Subdivision Plan Application that takes approximately three weeks. Divisions of property are required to go through the formal subdivision review process ultimately resulting in a recorded plat. Contact Land Development for specifics regarding your property. Depending on the complexity of the subdivision, a Preliminary Plat Application and/or Final Plat Application may also be required.

Q. Is my lot buildable?
A. That depends on how and when the lot was created. Volusia County adopted minimum subdivision regulations in 1972. Some lots created prior to that date are not eligible for Building Permits if they do not meet criteria adopted by the County Council. Please contact Land Development staff in order to determine your lot’s eligibility to obtain a Building Permit.

Q. I have more than one (1) lot and want to combine them in order to build. Do I have to record a subdivision for this?
A. No. Volusia County has a process for the review to combine certain lots without going through the subdivision process. You must submit a Combination of Lots Application with the appropriate review fee.  You may apply online at Connect Live.

Q. What if I want to sell part of my property to my neighbor?
A. Volusia County has a process for the review of an Adjustment of Lots of Record Application. The application is reviewed for compliance with Zoning's minimum lot size, verification that the original parcels have legal standing status, and verification that there are no platted easements which would be affected by the adjustment. Generally, deeds transferring title to the portion of the property being sold must be recorded in the Public Records of Volusia County prior to final approval. You may apply online at Connect Live.

Q. When do you need to get a Use Permit?
A. Any work in a county right-of-way including, but not limited to, driveways, utilities (electric, cable, water sewer), and mail boxes will require a Use Permit. Land Development has a process for the review of a Use Permit Application that takes less than seven working days. To determine the applicable review fee, please refer to the Fee Schedule.  You may apply online at Connect Live.

Q. How do I find out if my street is county maintained?
A. To find out if your street is county-maintained and would require a Volusia County Use Permit, please contact the Volusia County Right-of-Way Department:
Please call Public Works at  386-736-5967

Q. What are the specifications for my residential driveway?
A. The minimum width at the right-of-way line is 10 feet and the maximum is 24 feet. The driveway width shall flare an additional minimum 5 feet starting at a point a minimum of 8 feet from the edge of the traveled way. The driveway shall be a minimum thickness of 4 inches with reinforcement steel or wire mesh or a minimum of 6 inches thickness without reinforcement. Driveways are required to be asphalt or concrete within the public right-of-way along all existing paved roadways. An unpaved driveway to a dirt county-maintained road shall be a minimum thickness of 6 inches of stabilized material. No driveway shall be located closer than 5 feet from an adjacent property line.

Q. Does the County allow for driveway materials other than asphalt and concrete?
Yes.  Paver brick driveways are allowed as long as they meet certain structural requirements. 

Q. What is the process for developing a commercial site?
A. Volusia County has a review for commercial sites which begins with a Conceptual Site Plan Application. Each site is evaluated for road access, parking, stormwater, landscaping, tree retention/replacement, utilities, environmental concerns, buffers, vehicular circulation and other matters. A Final Site Plan Application may be required after the review of the Conceptual Site Plan. The process can take approximately three weeks to complete. The review fee varies for each development. Please contact Land Development staff to discuss the specifics of your site.

Q. Are there any economic incentives available for new or existing businesses in Volusia County?
Please contact the County's Economic Development Department to find out what programs are available.

Q. How can I find out if my project is feasible without spending a lot of money up front on engineering?
A. The Staff Review meetings are held twice a month and are free to the public. These meetings will be assigned based on the date and time received. Development Review Committee projects will be scheduled at 30-minute intervals, followed by the Staff Review projects discussed in 30-minute intervals. The submission of a Staff Review Application, along with a proposed plan and location map to the Land Development Office, will be required. Copies of the proposed project will be distributed to review staff for comments, which may require a site visit to the property.  You may apply online at Connect Live.

Q. Who do I contact for specific help?
A. Please contact Land Development first. We will find the answer for you or refer you to someone who can assist you.
386-736-5942  West Volusia 
386-248-8157  Daytona Beach 
386-423-3872  New Smyrna Beach

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