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Staff review members assist applicants in determining how projects can comply with the Land Development Code of Volusia County, Florida.

This review process may be an inquiry prior to beginning development or as part of the review process to be heard at a Development Review Committee meeting and obtain a Development Permit.

The staff review members consist of several county and outside departments and divisions that have the responsibility for reviewing development applications. This may include representatives from Building and Code Administration, Current Planning Division, Development Engineering, Environmental Management, Fire Safety, the Florida Department of Health in Volusia County, Public Works, the Volusia County School Board, Soil and Natural Resources, Volusia County Surveyor, Traffic Engineering, and the Utilities Division. Staff review comments pertaining to each project will be emailed to the applicant and/or consultants listed on the project’s application at least one day before the meeting.

If the development is in compliance with the code, is not wholly or partially within a flood-prone area, and is for development of fewer than 20 dwelling units or less than 20,000 gross square feet of nonresidential floor area, the Land Development Manager may waive the requirement to be reviewed at a Development Review Committee meeting.

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