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Comprehensive Plan


Chapter 72 Land Planning
Zoning Ordinance

Ordinance 2018-13 Providing provisions for backyard chickens in residential zoning classifications.
Sections 72-290, 72-307 and 72-341
Adopted July 24, 2018 
Resolution 2018-108 Amending the Fee Resolution to provide for Conditional Use Permits
Adopted August 7, 2018
Ordinance 2018-15 Establishing Rural Events Centers in the Forestry Resource (FR), Prime Agriculture (A-1) and Rural Agriculture (A-2) zoning classifications.
Sections Definitions, 72-286 and 72-293
Adopted August 21, 2018

Chapter 72 Land Planning
Land Development Code

 Updated 11/28/18 2:31p.m.