Interactive Map

This application allows you to view zoning and future land use information for Volusia County

DISCLAIMER: The data used for this application were developed from various scales and sources. The map information is not a survey. Volusia County makes no warranty, explicit or implied, regarding the accuracy or use of the information. Use at your own risk.

Parcel search

Type the 12 digit parcel identification number (without hyphes or spaces) into the search box below and click find.  (Example: 791300000070)  This will bring up the interactive map with the parcel highlighted in red.  It may take several minutes for the map to appear on your computer.


Address search

Type the address of the parcel in the search box below, using only the number and street name.  (Example: 123 W Indiana Av) This will bring up the interactive map with a red dot in the parcel associated with the address.  It may take several minutes for the map to appear on your computer.


How to use the map

A menu bar to the left of the map provides various layers of information that may be relevant to your parcel research.  To find your future land use designation and zoning classification click on the plus sign (+) in front of Land Use and Zoning Data.  A drop down menu will appear listing several layers of information.  To turn a layer of information on, use your mouse curser to place a check mark in the box adjacent to the information you wish to see.  To turn the layer off, uncheck the box.

To navigate to other areas of the map, you can use your scroll wheel on your mouse or the navigation menu at the top of the map.

There are several layers of information avaiable in this interactive map program.  You are encouraged to investigate the menu.

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