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Volusia County Animal Control Monthly Statistics

The Florida State Legislature has data reporting requirements of all public and private animal shelters, humane organizations or animal control agencies operated by a humane organization, or by a county, municipality, or other incorporated political subdivision (Florida State statute 823.15). For data prior to fiscal year 2016-2017, please contact Volusia County Animal Control at 386-248-1790.

Note: All animal disposition counts are provided by the humane societies that shelter the animals.

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Species Category

  • Dogs – All domestic dogs, including neonates, captured/trapped feral dogs.
  • Cats – All domestic cats, including neonates, captured/trapped feral cats.
  • Other – All other animals, including livestock, exotic pets, birds, wildlife, etc. 

Intake Category

  • Surrendered by Owner – Any animal surrendered to the shelter by the owner or designee, including those for bite quarantine; excludes those surrendered after being ‘confiscated’.
  • Stray – Animals whose owner is unknown, including those with possible, but unverified, owner information.
  • Impounded – Owned animals sheltered for bite quarantine, dangerous/vicious dog investigation, special hold cases (evictions, crime scenes, owner being arrested or being taken to hospital, domestic violence holds, or any other legal situation that results in a requirement for sheltering).
  • Confiscated – Owned animals seized as part of an animal cruelty and/or neglect investigation, including animal hoarding.
  • 10-Day Bite Quarantine – Owned or stray animals being sheltered for the 10-day bite quarantine period.
  • Owner in Custody – Any animal transported to the humane society due to the arrest of the owner.
  • Owner Deceased – Any animal transported to the humane society due to the death of the owner, when no other family member is able to shelter the animal.
  • Owner in Hospital – Any animal transported to the humane society when the owner is hospitalized and no other family member is able to shelter the animal.

Disposition Category

  • DOA – Any animal that died while in transit to the shelter.
  • Adoption – Any animal adopted to the general public.
  • Reclamation by Owner – Any animal reclaimed by the owner or designee.
  • Transfer Out – Any animal adopted or permanently transferred to another shelter or rescue organization, including injured/orphaned wildlife transferred to licensed wildlife rehabilitators.
  • Died – All animals that died at the shelter.
  • Released in field/Trapped, Neutered, Released (TNR) – Any animal released by staff as part of a Return to Field/Trap-Neuter-Return program. 

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