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Frequently asked questions

Q. What happens to someone during the first 24 hours in jail?

A. A person arrested remains in custody until he/she posts bond or is released by a judge. Within one day of jail admission, the individual will appear before a judge for a First Appearance hearing. This hearing determines if there is probable cause to continue detention. The judge may raise the bond, lower the bond, or release the person on their own recognizance. The judge also will appoint a public defender if a person cannot afford an attorney. The courtroom for First Appearance hearings is at the Volusia County Branch Jail, 1300 Red John Road, Daytona Beach. Hearings are scheduled at 1:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8:30 a.m. weekends and holidays. Anyone may attend the hearing. After the first court appearance, an inmate is sent from the intake housing unit to Case Management orientation. A Case Counselor interviews and classifies each inmate based on charges, criminal history and other factors. Once classified, security staff assigns each inmate to a housing unit that fits a person' s classification. An inmate's classification is not permanent and may change during the jail stay, depending on behavior or charges. Each unit has a Case Counselor. If an inmate needs the counselor's assistance, he can speak or write to the counselor at any time during his jail stay.

Q. Where do I go and how do I get someone out of jail?

A.  By administrative court order, there is a set bond schedule, depending on the crime. If an individual is arrested on a warrant, the judge issuing the warrant sets the bond. All these bonds remain in effect until First Appearance. At First Appearance the judge may reduce or increase a bond, or elect to keep it as set at jail admission, release an individual on his own recognizance, or place a person on Pre-Trial Supervision (PTS/PTR).

Anyone may come to the Branch Jail, 1300 Red John Drive, Daytona Beach, to post bond in cash or through a bondsmen. For a list of Bail Bond companies, look under "Bail Bonds" in the yellow pages of the telephone book

Bond information is available by calling the Branch Jail Booking Office at 386-254-1555. The Booking Office is open 24/7.

Q. When is court scheduled?

A. After First Appearance. it typically takes one to two days for the clerk to process future court dates. For inmate court date information, please visit the Clerk of the Court’s website at The court proceeding known as Arraignment follows First Appearance. As a rule of thumb, Arraignment occurs three to five weeks after First Appearance.

Q. Can I call and speak to an inmate?

A. No. However, inmates have access to a telephone in their cell block and are permitted to make collect calls only. Due to the size of the inmate population, it is not possible for corrections staff to take and relay personal messages to inmates. Emergency messages are taken, but will be validated first, before being given to the inmate. If you have information about an inmate’s medical or mental health that is current and relevant to their in-custody care, you may call the jail’s main number and ask to speak with clinic staff. Inmates may also correspond by mail.

Q. How do inmates get legal assistance while in jail?

A. Corrections staff may not provide legal advice or assistance. Inmates must contact their public defender or private attorney if they have questions about their case. The Public Defender's Office has an open phone line so inmates can use the phone in their housing area to call them. Inmates also may complete a request form or write a letter to their public defender. These requests are picked up daily by the Public Defender's Office. Corrections staff can provide assistance in helping inmates find out about when their court date is scheduled, what charges they face, addresses and telephone numbers of court and other outside agencies, and their assigned judge and public defender. Jail staff are not permitted to act as advocates for inmates. Most inmates are expected, and are responsible, for asking their own questions and handling correspondence with outside agencies and officials.

Q. What should I do if I believe an inmate is depressed or is contemplating suicide?

A. Incarceration can be upsetting and difficult for many people. If you know of someone in jail who feels anxious, depressed, angry or suicidal, you should call the Branch Jail immediately at 386-254-1555 or the Volusia County Correctional Facility at 386-254-1565 and report the situation to staff!

Q. What should I do if I know or believe an inmate was a victim of a crime in jail?

A. Call the Branch Jail at 386-254-1555 from Daytona Beach, 386-736-5918 from DeLand, or 386-423-3370 from New Smyrna Beach.

Q. Who should I call if I am concerned an inmate needs medical treatment?

A. All inmates see medical personnel and are asked about their medical problems shortly after their arrival. Inmates who remain in custody are given a physical examination within 14 days of admission. Inmates should submit a sick call slip for medical attention. Sick call slips are available in each housing area and are picked up daily. Emergency treatment is available by alerting medical staff during their twice daily visits to housing areas, or by alerting any staff member.

If you have information about an inmate that you believe may be depressed and or have a medical condition that needs immediate attention, please call the jail’s Clinic to relay such information (386-254-1547, ext. 1982). If you are calling to inquire about the medical condition of an inmate, that information cannot be released unless the inmate signs a release waiver. Patient information is confidential under HIPAA, which is the federal law mandating patient confidentiality.

All inmates are asked about their medical problems shortly after their arrival. Inmates who remain in custody are given a physical examination. Inmates should advise the medical office about any condition that requires medical attention. If an inmate feels sick or needs medical attention, he or she should complete a sick call slip will be seen by clinic personnel; if it is an emergency, the inmate should advise the Housing Unit Officer.

Correctional facility
386-254-1565 (Daytona Beach)
386-736-5916 (DeLand)
386-423-3372 (New Smyrna Beach)

Branch Jail
386-254-1555 (Daytona Beach)
386-736-5918 (DeLand)
386-423-3370 (New Smyrna Beach)

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