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  COVID-19 (coronavirus) Update


COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

Posted On: January 12, 2021

Q: How can I find out about upcoming vaccination events hosted by the County and the Department of Health in Volusia County (DOH-Volusia)?

A: Information on upcoming events is announced to the media, as well as posted online at and the Volusia County Emergency Management Facebook and Twitter pages. Individuals are also encouraged to download the free Emergency Management app ( available on both the Google Play and App Store, and be sure to turn on push notifications. All news releases are published on the app, and if the notifications are turned on, the user will receive a notification each time a release is posted. Residents can also sign up to receive notifications in the manner of choosing (text, email and/or voicemail) through CodeRed by texting “VolusiaReady” to 99411.

Q: Why isn’t there a list of County of Volusia/DOH-Volusia vaccination events available?

A: The County of Volusia is partnering with DOH-Volusia, the Volusia Sheriff’s Office and our cities to proactively identify sites for future vaccine events. However, specific details on events will not be announced until DOH-Volusia receives vaccine in an effort to ensure vaccines are available for all registrations.

Q: Can anyone get a vaccine at a County of Volusia/DOH-Volusia hosted event?

A: At this time, individuals must be 65 years of age or older to register for an appointment. County or state residency is not a requirement to receive a vaccine.

Q: How do I register for a County of Volusia/DOH-Volusia hosted event?

A: When a vaccination event is announced, a web address will be provided to make a reservation. Individuals who are not able to access the internet via a computer, tablet or telephone may call 866-345-0345 for assistance.

Q: How much does a COVID-19 vaccine cost?

A: The Florida Department of Health does not charge for COVID-19 vaccines, which were purchased by the federal government.

Q: I tried to register for a County of Volusia/DOH-Volusia vaccine event online and couldn’t get a reservation. Is something wrong with the website?

A: The Eventbrite system is functioning properly, but due to high demand and limited supply, reservations for vaccine events fill very quickly.  As additional vaccines are received, the supply should begin to meet demand and registration will become easier. The public’s patience is appreciated during this time.

Q: If I don’t have an appointment, can I still show up and get a vaccine?

A: Currently, appointments are required for all County of Volusia/DOH-Volusia vaccine events.

Q: If I get the first dose, am I guaranteed my second dose?

A: The federal government has advised the states that they are holding back the vaccine for the second dose so that it’s available when that booster shot is needed.

Q: If I get my first dose at a County of Volusia/DOH-Volusia vaccine event, how do I get my second dose?

A: Each person who receives the initial vaccine is given a vaccination record card. The due date of the booster is on the back of the card. For the Moderna vaccine, the return date cannot be before 28 days. Individuals vaccinated are advised to return to the same site during the same time frame as their first appointment for their booster vaccine. Registrants will receive a reminder email or phone call approximately one week before the due date of their second dose.

Q: Can I get a vaccine from my primary care physician?

A: Currently primary care physicians do not have access to vaccine. The State’s vaccine distribution plan is online at The plan outlines the distribution phases, which are dependent on vaccine availability. The governor determines how we move through the phases. Healthcare providers who want to administer vaccine have been provided information from the State on how to register as a COVID-19 vaccine provider.

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