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Shelters are for individuals with special needs or those who cannot remain in their current residence and have no other place to go. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, individuals are encouraged to shelter in place or with friends or family if at all possible.

COVID-19 Information

Face coverings are mandatory at all shelters and a wellness assessment will be performed on individuals prior to admittance. If individuals do not feel well, are self-isolating because of exposure to COVID-19 or have been diagnosed with COVID-19, they should not go to a shelter. Families will be provided additional space to ensure physical distancing is maintained at all shelters.

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General Shelter

  • None at this time 

Special Needs Shelter

Assists evacuees with disabilities or functional medical needs. This is a Pet Friendly shelter for Special Needs persons only. Evacuees and their service animals will remain in the same location.

  • None at this time

Pet Friendly Shelter

People and pets are housed in separate locations at the shelter

  • None at this time

People & Pet Shelter

People and pets are house in the same location – Fairgrounds only

  • None at this time


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