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EVAC Ambulance files all primary and secondary insurance claims that are medically necessary, except for the following:

  • Out-of-state (Florida) Medicaid
  • EVAC Ambulance will file BC/BS using a CMS 1500 form. Patients will be held responsible for the unpaid balance and obtaining any additional documentation that BC/BS may require to process and pay the claim.
  • Veterans - (except for TriCare/Champus). It is the patient´s responsibility to file the VA Insurance and EVAC Ambulance will accept and process VA payments accordingly.
  • Wellcare HMO

Insurance claims are filed with (please note, not all insurances are listed):

  • Medicare
  • State of Florida Medicaid
  • Automobile Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Humana Health Care Plans
  • Florida Health Care Plans
  • TriCare/Champus - EVAC Ambulance will file the original claim. Since EVAC is a out-of-network, non-participating, non-contracted TriCare provider, EVAC is not permitted, according to policy established by TMA, to file for a review or appeal. Review and appeals must be filed by the beneficiary. In the meantime, the patient will be responsible for the unpaid balance of the ambulance bill and others.

Have you had your claim denied? If so please check out our Denied Claims Page.


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