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Station 35, which opened in 2003, is at 630 W. Main St., Lake Helen. The station provides advanced life support services to patients in the area and responds to many serious motor vehicle accidents on Interstate 4.

Battalion Commanders work out of this office and supervise a group of stations, perform day to day administrative and operational mission objectives, as well as emergency scene command and control.

The station's radio room where firefighters complete reports and other necessary paperwork.

The training room can accommodate approximately 20 people and has been used for Community Emergency Response Team training, cub scouts, volunteer drills and other community events.

Firefighters have to stay in excellent physical condition in order to perform their duties under difficult and very stressful conditions. The fitness room, equipped with weight bench with Olympic weights and dumbbells, allows them to keep fit while at the station.

Storage of bunker gear worn to keep the firefighters safe when responding to an emergency call.

The decontamination shower used to decontaminate EMS equipment.

The medical supplies, such as band-aids and splints, used on the fire apparatus are stored in this room.

Firefighters eat and sleep at the fire station. Some of their down time is spent in this day room.

The kitchen where firefighters prepare their meals during their 24-hour shift.


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