Road Resurfacing

Volusia County’s road system primarily uses asphalt for its road construction projects.  When an asphalt road is initially constructed the pavement is expected to last between 20 to 25 years before needing to be resurfaced (rehabilitated).  The type of rehabilitation method depends on the age of the asphalt, level of wear and tear and any evident damage. Volusia County funds pavement rehabilitation with local option gas taxes collected.  Typically between $5 million to $6 million are allocated each year for pavement rehabilitation. • County Council Agenda Item. • Current List of Roadways.

What causes roadway deterioration? Some of the main items are:

  • High traffic volumes / large amount of heavy loads (leads to cracks, ruts, potholes or raveling)

  • High water table / poor soil conditions (lead to ruts or potholes)

  • Ultraviolet (UV) spectrum of sunlight (leads to raveling due to breakdown of asphaltic cement)

What types of Rehabilitation are we using? Our methods include:

  • Sealants (typically add 5 years to the life cycle)
    Sealants can be used to extend the life cycle of the asphalt pavement before the roadway exhibits too much damage.  A sealant is sprayed onto the road surface to protect the existing surface and depending on the type of sealant can add protection from UV light and water while still improving the riding surface for vehicles.

  • Milling and Resurfacing (adds approximately 15 years to the life cycle)
    In cases where the road has rutting, cracking, and/or potholes, milling and resurfacing is the preferred method for rehabilitating the pavement.  Milling and resurfacing consists of using a milling machine to remove the top 1-1.5” of the asphalt and then replacing that with fresh asphalt.

What determines which roadways are chosen for Resurfacing? Some primary components are:

  • Volume of traffic on the roadway

  • Pavement Condition Index rating (scale of 1-100)

    Roads with a higher traffic volume get priority over roads with a lower traffic volume.  The PCI is a standardized score from 0-100 used to compare road conditions.  This score is determined by driving every County road in a specialized vehicle that uses technical equipment to catalog a road’s condition.  Roads with a PCI of 65 or less get priority over roads with a higher PCI value. While these are the primary factors, they are not the only ones used in determining which roads the County will resurface each year.  County staff will also review maintenance reports to see which roads are requiring more maintenance than others. 

Current 2019 Resurfacing List   (in order of priority)

Kicklighter Road, Lake Helen

New Pavement to End of Maintenance

Completed on
July 12, 2019

Picture of resurfaced Kicklighter Road

New York Avenue, Orange City

Hamilton Avenue to US 17/92

Completed on
July 17, 2019

Picture of resurfaced New York Avenue

South Spring Garden Avenue, DeLand

McGregor Road to West Beresford Avenue

Completed on
July 29, 2019

Picture of resurfaced South Spring Garden Avenue

Deerfoot Road, DeLand

South Spring Garden Avenue to State Road 17 / South Woodland Boulevard

Completed on
July 29, 2019

Picture of resurfaced Deerfoot Road

Plymouth Avenue, DeLand

Stone Street to Florida Avenue

Picture of Plymouth Avenue before resurfacing

West Beresford Avenue, DeLand

Beresford Road to State Road 15A

Picture of West Beresford Avenue before resurfacing

Taylor Road, DeLand

Bent Oaks Boulevard to Blue Lake Avenue

Picture of Taylor Road before resurfacing

Daugharty Road / Marsh Road, DeLeon Springs

Marsh Road to State Road 11

South Blue Lake Avenue, DeLand

1000 feet south of Taylor Road to Chris Avenue

Picture of South Blue Lake before resurfacing

Reynolds Road, DeLeon Springs

Park Avenue to State Road 11

Picture of Reynolds Road before resurfacing

Marsh Road, DeLeon Springs

New Pave (North of Old Marsh Road) to Daugharty Road

Old Mission Road, Edgewater

State Road 442 (Indian River Boulevard) to Park Avenue

LPGA Boulevard, Daytona Beach

Clyde Morris Boulevard to Jimmy Ann Drive

Village Drive, Ormond Beach

Addison Drive to Pine Tree Drive

Needles Lane, Ormond Beach

Cul de sac to cul de sac

Walnut Lane, Ormond Beach

Village Drive to Village Drive

Picture of Walnut Lane before resurfacing

Walnut Court, Ormond Beach

Village Drive to Cul de sac

Picture of Walnut Court before resurfacing

Walnut Circle, Ormond Beach

Cul de sac to Village Drive

Oak Lane, Ormond Beach

Pine Tree Drive to Village Drive

Oak Court, Ormond Beach

Cul de sac to Oak Lane

Picture of Oak Court before resurfacing

Bushnell Park Court, Ormond Beach

Cul de sac to Pine Tree Drive

Picture of Bushnell Park Court before resurfacing

Sawmill Creek Court, Ormond Beach

Cul de sac to Pine Tree Drive

Picture of Sawmill Creek Court before resurfacing

Magnolia Lane, Ormond Beach

Cul de sac to Pine Tree Drive

Picture of Magnolia Lane before resurfacing

Tadd Kasbeer

West Volusia

Daytona Beach

New Smyrna Beach